I’d like to know more about the mission that my grandmother’s first husband (Leonard Resnick O-805674) was flying when he was killed.  As far as I know he died on 5 APR 1944 while flying with the 449th.  My grandmother told me that he was shot in the neck and was the only casualty from his crew.  She was told this by the other pilot who returned with the rest of the crew after their tour.  My dear grandmother died a few years ago.  She told me bits and pieces of the story over the years but I’d like to to know the mission details.

I am a retired Marine FA-18 pilot and I am curious about this man who meant so much to my grandmother.  I found out from my research that we both have the same award-the Air Medal.  I want to know more.


Joshua Zager

Len Madalyn Resnick


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