Col. Gent has issued orders that military courtesy and discipline be improved. Unquestionably there has been laxity in this respect. Perhaps it can be attributed to our civilian backgrounds. Few of us are soldiers at heart. Our aircraft hit Schwechat aircraft factory near Vienna. It appears that this Group was the only one to do any substantial damage. We lost two airplanes. Aboard one was Capt. Bailey, Asst. Group Operations Officer. He was a fine chap and his loss is keenly felt. Captain “Art” Swan, C. O. of the 719th Squadron, was seriously wounded by flak over the target. Progress on the EM day room has slowed down to a near halt. After a burst of energy, work has all but stopped. What the exact facts are we do not know but some EM claim it is because of work on a separate officer’s mess. This sort of thing, if true, is bad for morale and, whether true or not, is believed by many EM.

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