Ball Crew

Standing (L to R): Bernard Ball (P), Richard Ely (N), Chester Gage (B), John Halverson (CP). Lower row (L to R): William George (NG), Kenneth Davis (TG), Bill Milon (R/O), Donald Lowes (TTG), Joseph Dvorak (BG), John English (F/E).

Ball Crew

Crew members not named on this photo. This crew brought back one of the most heavily damaged B-24s ever to return to base. The plane was damaged on 23 Nov 1944.The tail gunner was killed.

  • BALL, Bernard L., Pilot
  • HALVERSON, John F, Co-Pilot
  • ELY, Richard, Navigator
  • GAGE, Chester D, Bombardier
  • ENGLISH, John H, Ft/Eng. Lt Waist
  • MILON, William, Radio/Op
  • TRASK, James, Radio/Op
  • DAVIS, Kenneth, Tail Gunner – KIA 23 Nov 44 Ball
  • DVORAK, Joseph E., Ball Gunner
  • GEORGE, William, Nose Gunner
  • LOWES, Don J., Top Turret Gunner

717th Squadron

717logoEdward J. Sass, Jr. was the origi­nal C.O. from June ‘43 to December ’44. Shelby McArthur became C.O. in December ‘44 and remained so until February ‘45. From February ‘45 to May ’45, Wilbur Parker was the C.O.


Assigned 17 August 44. Flak took off top of fuselage above waist windows on 23 Nov 44 mission to Brod, Yugoslavia. Landed at Bari. Bernard Ball crew, tail gunner KIA, two waist gunners WIA.

Pictures of 44-10570


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