Brown, A.K. Crew

Standing (L to R): Arthur K. Lampert (G); Robert Young (RO); Salvador Clesi (NG); Richard ClarK (FE); Herbert Muchow (BG). Kneeling (L to R): Ralph Foster (B): Sidney Friedman (N); Al. K. Brown (P); Ed Mattingley (CP)

  • BROWN, Al K., Pilot – KIA Co-Pilot, 5 May 44 McInvale
  • MATTINGLEY, Ed, Co-Pilot – POW 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • FRIEDMAN, Sidney F., Navigator
  • FOSTER, Ralph R, Bombardier – POW 29 May 44 Henggeler
  • LAKE, Samuel J., Eng / Gunner (Flew w/ Ivers) DED- training flight 5/21/44 Brown, JW
  • CLARK, Richard T, Ft/Eng, Ball Gunner (Flew w /Ivers)
  • YOUNG, Robert S, Radio/Op
  • CLESI, Salvador C., Nose & Tail Gunner (Flew w/Ivers)
  • LAMPERT, Arthur K, Gunner (Flew w/Ivers)
  • MUCHOW, Herbert W, Tail Gunner – EVD 15 July 44 Scroggs, JE

717th Squadron

717logoEdward J. Sass, Jr. was the origi­nal C.O. from June ‘43 to December ’44. Shelby McArthur became C.O. in December ‘44 and remained so until February ‘45. From February ‘45 to May ’45, Wilbur Parker was the C.O.


A replacement aircraft flown overseas by the A. K. Brown crew and arriving 2 Apr 44. The overseas flight was so cold that they named her from the phrase “she would freeze the XXXXX off a brass monkey!” Crashed on takeoff during a local training flight at the Grottaglie, Italy airbase, 11 Aug 44.

Pictures of Brass Monkey


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