Standing (L to R): Clyde Driggers (P), Allen Carrico (B), Wallace Brubeck (N), Donald Rice (CP). Lower row (L to R): Robert Spence (G), Ken Owens (G), John Chambers (G) and Wilburn Henley (F/E). Not shown are Virgil Johnson (G) and Dano Valdez.

  • DRIGGERS, Clyde, Pilot – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • RICE, Donald F, Co-Pilot – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • BRUBECK, Wallace B, Navigator – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • CARRICO, Allen C, Bombardier – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • HENLEY, Wilburn M, Flight/Eng – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • ROSEBOOM, Judson G, Nose Gunner
  • SPENCE, Robert L, – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • VALDEZ, Dario, Ball Turret – KIA 23 April 44 Driggers
  • JOHNSON, Virgil – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • OWENS, Kenneth L, Lt Waist – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers
  • CHAMBERS, John W, Rt Waist – EVD 9 Jul 44 Driggers

718th Squadron

718logoWilliam Nosker was the original C.O. from July ‘43 until April ‘44 when he was transferred to the 47th Wing Headquarters as Assistant Operations Officer. Nosker was killed when the 376th Bomb Group B-24 that he was aboard crashed on takeoff on 15 August ‘44. Rexford Tompkins, the original Operations Officer for the 718th, became the C.O. in April ‘44 and remained so until September ’44. Charles Jordan finished out the war as the 718th C. O. from September ‘44 through May ’45.


(name taken from one of the characters of the “Lil Abner” comic strip). A replacement ship received into the 449th on 5 May ’44. Crew chief was Sgt. Edmund Dickman. The “Critter” was downed on the 9 July ’44 Presidential Unit Citation mission to Ploesti. Drigger’s crew bailed out over Yugoslavia. They were initially reported as POW but actually successfully evaded with the aid of the local Chetniks. MACR 7011.

Pictures of Th’ Inhoomin Critter



B-24 Liberator 42-94757 "Dugan Wagon", and 41-29500 "Ramblin' Re

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