Crews were briefed to bomb Prato M/Y. Due to overcast, bombs were dropped on the following targets of opportunity: Prato M/Y, 27.5 tons; Pisa M/Y, 35 tons; Pontedera A/D, 7.5 tons; Pisa A/D, 7.5 tons; Tracks or Road at 4358N – 1108E, 2.5 tons. Results on all targets are believed to be fair. Air Force requires Group A/C to display insignia on tails. In accordance with such directive, the A/C of this Group now display a “Bar A” (-A-) in honor of its Group C. O. lost on the mission to Aviano on 31 January 1944. The “A” for Darr H. Alkire, Col., A. C. This bar was added as being further symbolic of “The Old Man” and is based upon the following story. Upon arrival at Grottaglie A/D, Col. Alkire directed that all jeeps assigned to the Group be numbered and for identification (449th) asked that a -D- (“Bar D”) be also painted on the vehicles, stating that a -D- was his father’s old “Brand”.

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