The day started off with and bang, and what a bang. The combat personnel and S-2 personnel were up on the shrill sound of the whistle and ready for the day’s adventure. The men’s spirits were high, a smile on their face and eager for the mission. Everyone was in a mood to strike a blow at the enemy forces on the beachhead. A few minutes after take-off the sky was black with Liberators heading in the direction of the axis held territory. Thirty-seven B-24’s were aloft within a limited time… YES… that is right they ran into a complete overcast, snow and bad flying weather causing nineteen to return early, but eighteen of the pilots plunged on through the treacherous weather, to deal a terrific blow to the enemy. The results as stated in a very few words by one of the pilots on the mission — “We pasted the hell out of them” — Unfortunately, bomb strike photographs failed to equal the enthusiasm of the returning pilots.

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