There was no celebration of the “Birthday of the Father of His Country.” A great air offensive has begun against Germany. As part of the offensive twenty-five planes from this Group attacked the Regensburg Obertrabuling A/C Factory. The weather was foul and it is doubtful whether we hit the target. A big air battle took place and our boys claimed eight enemy fighters shot down and six probables. It was costly. Four of our bombers are missing, two crashed in friendly territory after the crews bailed out, and one was down at Bari. George Stout, S/Sgt 716th Sq, S-2 clerk and one of the keeper’s of this diary was on one of the missing planes. George had been trying for days to go on a mission. Today he had his chance. His cheerful smile, clear understanding of instructions and steady influence will be greatly missed in the S-2 clerk. Just learned the boys get double credit for the Regensburg deal. Seems only fair.

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