Hanson Crew

Standing (L to R): James S Cox (TG); Darrell E German (B); Edward H Betz (CP); Howard Hanson (P); Antonio D Fermano (N); Lawrence W Brady (FE). Kneeling (L to R): Thomas M McGraw (NG); Albert Acampora (BG); Adolph Turpin (LW); Lawrence F Nally (RW).

  • HANSON, Howard, Pilot – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • BETZ, Edward H, CP – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • FERMANO, Antonio, D., Navigator
  • GERMAN, Darrell, E., Bombadier – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • BRADY, Lawrence W., Engineer – – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • NALLY, Lawrence F., R/Op – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • TURPIN, Adolph AE – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • ACAMPORA, Albert AG – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • COX, James S., Gunner – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson
  • McGRAW, Thomas M, AR – KIA 28 Feb 45 Hanson

Lt. Howard Hanson

I’m a nephew of Lt. Howard Hanson, the pilot of the Hanson Crew. I just received the Spring issue of the Latepass and am looking forward to the results of the DNA investigation now underway. I don’t have any electronic items of memorabilia, but would be happy to mail copies of a couple of items that I have.

Marshall Wake
Green Valley, AZ

716th Squadron

716logoJohn A. Silverstein (changed his name after the war to John (Jack) Steele) was C.O. from June ‘43 to July ’44. He was followed by Charles E. Harton from July ‘44 to November ’44. Harton had served as the acting C.O. for the 719th squadron while Swan was in the hospital recovering from wounds during May ‘44 to July ‘44. Lloyd M. Bentsen (who became a U.S. Senator from Texas, U. S. Treasurer after the war, and U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate) was the C.O. from November ‘44 until February ’45. Robert Johnson took over from mid-‘45 to V.E. Day in May ’45.

SSgt. Thomas Michael McGraw

Just got a call from Hawaii – Hanson Crew is coming home! Arrive dignified transfer from Italy to Omaha tomorrow, Nov 4. Please take a moment tomorrow and say a little prayer for those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Peace be with them.

Maureen McGraw Weidner
Marietta, Georgia

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