For several nights now a German reconnaissance plane piloted by a flier dubbed “Fearless Freddie” has been over the field. The Taranto ack-ack fires on him but without success. To see the shells burst is at once a pretty and disturbing sight. Tonight “Freddie” was over about midnight. Batteries about the field have not opened up. Captain Kay of the British heavy flak says Jerry probably hopes we will open up thus disclosing his gun positions. Today was airdrome defense day. The chemical warfare boys had a gay time spraying tear gas about. They have a queer sense of humor. German parachute equipment has been found near the field resulting in an increase in our guards. Sabotage is the fear. The guards have itchy fingers as a British Major learned when he failed to halt his jeep. Fortunately he is uninjured. However, he is certainly more careful.

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