Back Row (L to R): James Holt; George Bailey; Charles Wagner; Edgar Adcock; Otho Hoover; Calebi (crew chief). Front Row (L to R): Adolph DiMineo; Roy Jacobson; Geoge Younclaus; Steven Pater; Harold Loughran (P)

  • LOUGHRAN, Harold R., Pilot – Became 719 Squadron Commander
  • JACOBSON, Roy H., Co-Pilot / Pilot POW 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • YOUNGCLAUS, George D., Navigator – 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • PATER, Stephan E., Bombardier
  • HOOVER, Otho, Flight/Eng – POW 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • ADCOCK, Edgar H., RO – POW 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • BAILEY, George E., TT – POW 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • DiMINNO, Adolph J., Ball Gunner – POW 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • HOLT, James T., UT – POW 5 May 44 Jacobson
  • WAGNER, JR., Charles E., Nose Gunner – POW 5 May 44 Jacobson

717th Squadron

717logoEdward J. Sass, Jr. was the origi­nal C.O. from June ‘43 to December ’44. Shelby McArthur became C.O. in December ‘44 and remained so until February ‘45. From February ‘45 to May ’45, Wilbur Parker was the C.O.

Miss Behavin

An original cadre ship acquired 31 October ’43 and assigned to Hal Loughran’s crew who flew her overseas in December ’43. “Miss Behavin” was one of the three aircraft involved in the mid-air combat collision over Steyr, Austria, on 2 April ’44. The other two aircraft involved in this collision were “Peerless Clipper” and “Superstitious Aloyysius.” Fetting crew with Geminder as Instructor Pilot. 9 KIA, 1 POW MACR 4025. F/E Mark Schneider was the only person aboard the three ships involved in the midair collision to survive.

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