T/Sgt Lucien Fugere

With “Ramp Tramp”, s/n 42-7700

Col. Gent presenting Purple Heart, Sept 44

Gen Hugo Rush presenting 2nd Air Medal, 4/28/44

Oct ’42 – Mapping camera in B-18

Douglas B-18, 1942

Capt. Chrysler gives weather briefing for 22 Feb 44 mission to Regensburg

Capt. Burr Tarrant, Group Intelligence Officer, 22 Feb 44

Group Commander Col. Thomas Gent at mission briefing

Gen Nathan Twining, 15th AF CO (3rd from left), Col. Gent, Col. Randolph

Col. Gent on left, Gen Twining center, Gen Rush 2nd from right

unknown with aircraft “Fickle Finger”


Fusing 500 lb. bombs

Ground photographers

Courier with maps for next mission

Loading incendiary bombs

Gen Joseph Atkinson, 47th Wing Commander (Feb 44), then 15th AF Deputy Commander

Lucien Fugere with Beechcraft C-45

449th Commander Col. Thomas Gent

Col Gent and Deputy Commander Col. George Blase

Col. Gent, Gen Twining

Col. Gent, Maj Fleischer, Gen Atkinson

Gen Atkinson (left), Col. Blase, others unknown

449th one year anniversary, May 1, 1944

Mud-bound field at Grottaglie, probably March 1944

“Sunshine”, s/n 42-52106 wearing Bar A tail marking of Feb-Mar 1944.

Mud-bound B-24 at Grottaglie

“Blind Date” s/n 41-29243, tail #54

“Ramp Tramp” at Grottaglie

“Lonesome” receiving maintenance, February 1944. Note ‘Bar A’ on tail of #1 “Our Baby” at far right

Ju-52 wreckage at Grottaglie

View of Grottaglie Field from dirigible hanger

Dirigible hanger

Refueling section, P-38 wrecks at right, part of 718th Squadron ramp

Dirigible hanger, runway at Grottaglie beyond

View from Dirigible hanger of 719th ramp.  Bristol Beaufighter in front of #15 “Patches” s/n 42-52115

Olive grove at one of the Squadron areas

348th Service Squadron hangers and 719th Squadron area beyond

348th Service Squadron area

348th Service Squadron area

717th ramp at Grottaglie.  #36 “Holy Joe” s/n 41-29225 at right.

719th ramp at Grottaglie, Feb 1944 as some have added the ‘Bar A’ tail markings.  Visible are #1 “Our Baby”, #4 “The Buzzer”, #8 “Paper Doll”, #9 “Guardian Angel”, #14 “Lonesome” and #15 “Patches”

719th ramp at Grottaglie, Feb 1944

449th B-24 on runway at Grottaglie.  C-47 on ramp at right.

Dirigible hangers at Grottaglie and 717th ramp at right

Bomb dump, west side of field at Grottaglie

B-17F, s/n 42-30437.  “Ferret” aircraft used for ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) missions mapping German radar warning system.

Douglas C-47 refueling

Douglas C-47

RAF Vickers Wellington, aka “Wimpy”

RAF Handley Page Halifax

PV-2 Harpoon

Bristol Beaufighter and RAF Wimpy

RAF Spitfire

RAF Spitfires, B-24’s in background

RAF P-40 Kittyhawk

Hawker Hurricane

“Shirley Jean” 42-95397, #68, 716th Squadron

“Twinkletoes”, 42-95314, #72, 716th Squadron

“Queen of Hearts”, 42-64367, #67, 716th Squadron

“Queen of Hearts”, 42-64367, #67, 716th Squadron

“Devil’s Henchmen, 42-52089, #63, 716th Squadron

“The Buzzer”, 41-29307, #4, 719th Squadron

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