Twenty-seven B-24’s took off at 0538 to 0628 hours to bomb the Manfred Weiss Armament works. One returned early and returned its bombs to base. Twenty-six dropped 65 tons of 500-lb (.1 & .025) GP bombs on target at 0946 hours from 23,300 to 24,900 feet. Twenty-five returned to base at 1235 hours. None lost or missing. One at friendly field returned to base at 1520 hours.

Rendezvoused with the 450th Group at Manduria at 7,000 feet at 0643 hours. The course went to San Vito along which lines the 376th and 98th Groups joined the formation. From San Vito the course lay over Mijet at 0730 hours at 14,400 feet. The formation arrived over Scedro Isle at 0755 hours at 16,800 feet. The turn point Livnoh was reached at 0815 hours at 17,600 feet. At 0915 hours at 21,100 feet the formation passed over Lake Balaton on course. Mon was reached at 0937 hours at 22,100 feet. The IP, Bicske (4729N – 1838E), was reached at 0941 hours at 23,000 feet. A run was made on the target on an axis of 106° True. Rally was right and the return course was to 4705N – 1915E to Vrpolje to Livnoh to Scedro Isle to Base.

At 0924 hours at 4651N – 1739E fifty P-51’s were sighted. They were last seen at 0940 hours at 4727N – 1845E.

Weather was CAVU with little haze and high cirrus above the formation.

Results. Strike photographs reveal very few bursts outside of target area. Several large columns of black and white smoke appear.

Fighters. In the area between the IP and target, five ME-109’s made a single pass at the formation. They attacked from 10 to 12 o’clock high diving between “A” and “B” sections, directing their attack at “B” section. They continued their dive after the attack and did not return. The attacking aircraft were blue with a yellow band around the fuselage.

Flak. Crews reported the flak at the target as moderate to intense, accurate, heavy. They reported black and white bursts with some of the black puffs emitting “corkscrew’ streamers.

Total Losses: None.


From flak: 10 (9 slight, 1 severe)
From fighters: 0

Casualties: [Nose gunner aboard ship #31 killed by flak. Two others slightly wounded.]

Victories: [One ME-109 probably destroyed].

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