Twenty-eight B-24’s took off at 0643 to 0702 hours to bomb Lispe/Budafpuszta Oil Refinery. One returned early, returning bombs to base. Twenty-seven dropped 62 tons of 500-lb RDX bombs (.1 and .025 fuses) on target at 1031 hours from 20,800 to 22,500 feet. Two returned 5 tons to base and 1 jettisoned .5 ton. Twenty-seven returned to base at 1252 hours. None lost, none missing, none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 376th and 98th Groups at San Vito at 8,000 feet at 0706 hours. Thence on course to Scedro Isle (4305N – 1642E), to Livno (4350N – 1700E), to key point at Bohonye (4642N – 1743E), to Fonyod (4645N – 1733E), to IP to target, attacking on a heading of 246° True. Rallied left and returned to Scedro Isle (4305N – 1642E) to base.

The weather report showed visibility lowered in haze to 10 miles over Adriatic but improved to over 20 miles inland. Broken strato cumulus clouds with tops of 8,000 feet over Adriatic. Heavy cumulus seen building on Yugoslavia Coast to Southeast. From Livno to Bohonye, scattered cirrus 19,900 feet, scattered alto-stratus 20,000 feet and scattered cumulus tops to 10,000 feet. Solid undercast at 17,000 feet over Lake Balaton. Target had 1/10 cirrus at 24,000 feet, 2/10 altostratus at 23,000 feet and 3-4/10 cumulus tops to 16,000 feet.

No escort was provided.

No radio jamming was reported.

Results. Visual observation reports that target area was well covered with good concentration of hits. Black oil smoke rising to 8,000 to 10,000 feet and four fires were visible. Photos show target obscured by smoke. Some hits plotted to east and west of target indicating remainder of hits are under smoke.

Fighters: No enemy aircraft were sighted.

Flak: No flak was experienced at the target or along the route.

[No losses. No Damage. No casualties. No victories.]

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