28 B-24’s took off at 0229 hours to bomb enemy coastal defenses at Beach 263A. 1 crashed and exploded on take-off, killing 11 and injuring 1. 16 dropped on target 32 tons of 100 lb GP clustered bombs with instantaneous fusing with 2 ships in A section attacking at 0705 hours at 14,000 feet and 14 in B section attacking at 0720 hours at 14,500 feet. 10 returned 20 tons to base and 1 jettisoned 2 tons. 25 returned to base at 1042 hours and 2 that landed at friendly fields returned later. 1 lost on take-off, none missing and none at friendly fields. There were 16 effective sorties..

First wave of 13 ships rendezvoused at GROTTAGLIE at 0331 hours on course and second wave of 14 ships rendezvoused at GROTTAGLIE at 0352 hours. Route was exactly as briefed and ran from base to Cape Lido (4144N – 1215E) to ALERIA (4206N – 0931E) to assembly point a REVELLATA (4234N – 0844E) to ALCIELA Point (4242N – 0903E) to IP (4326N – 0704E) to target with both sections attacking on heading of 250 degrees true. Rallied left and proceeded to 4257N – 0633E to Cape FENE (4157N – 0835E) to base. The weather was clear on rute out but slightly hazy to center of Tyrrhenian Sea where low level stratus was first observed. This cloud deck gradually intensified in amount northward across CORSICA and the LIGURIAN sea becoming 7-9/10 patchy stratus over the target. No clouds impeded returen route and bases were clear on return. No escourt was provided but there was a large number of friendly A/C in the target area. No radio jamming reported.

Results were unobserved because of solid undercast and photos are entirely cloud covered. Bombing was done by PFF methods. A Section made two runs on target but was unable to drop bombs.

Fighters: No E/A were sighted Flak: Flak at the target was S-I-H and was approximately 2 minutes duration.

Total Losses: 1 crashed on take-off Damage: None Casualties: Crashed on take-off; 11 killed; 1 critically injured. Victories: None

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