28 B-24’s took off at 0609 to 0638 hours to bomb DACIA ROMANIA Oil refinery at PLOESTI, Rumania. 4 returned early. 23 a/c were over the target at 0954 hours, 20 of which dropped 35.75 tons 500 lb (.1 and .025 fusing) RDX bombs on target from 23,500 to 24,500 feet. 2 returned 4 tons to base; 1 jettisoned 2 tons. 4 of the a/c that partially bombed jettisoned 2.75 tons. Of the 4 early returns, 2 returned 2 tons to base and 2 jettisoned 2 tons. 1 a/c bombed a railroad siding as a target of opportunity at 4309N – 2236E. 1 a/c crashed upon landing, killing 6 crew members and critically injuring 4. 1 is missiing. 2 at friendly fields, returned to base at 1615 hours. 21 effective sorties were flown.

Rendezvoused on MANDURIA – SAN VITO line at 0721 hours at 8,000 feet. The route then passed over ULCINJE at 12,000 feet; to SVODE, POINA and COTOFENI. The KP, DRAGASANI (4440N – 2417E) was reached at 0930 hours at 24,000 feet. The IP, BALENII (4449N – 2538E) was reached at 0949 hours at 24,000 feet. The run was made on an axis of 70 degrees true. The rally was right and the formation passed over Lake SNAGOV (4443N – 2604E), to FERDINAND (4325N – 2312E) to SVODE. Thence a reciprocal course to base. 5 P-51’s were sighted at DRAGASANI (4440N – 2417E) at 0930 hours. The escort was evaluated as fair. No exact time of departure of escort was noted.

An effective smoke screen prevented observation f results. Only 1/10 cumulus was encountered over the target.

Fighters: None

Flak: I-A-H for 7 to 8 minutes.

Total Losses: 1 crashed upon landing. 1 missing. Damage: 14 from flak. Casualties: 3 seriously wounded by flak. 3 slightly wounded by flak. 6 killed and 4 critically injured (crashed on landing) Victories: None

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