25 B-24’s took off at 0550 to bomb SZOINOK M/Y at SZOINOK, Hungary. None returned early. 25 a/c were over target at 0942 hours, 22 of which dropped 52 tons of 500 lb GP (.1 and .o1 fusing) bombs on target from 20,000 to 21,700 feet. 3 a/c of the 22 dropping on target jettisoned 3 tons of bombs hung up by malfunctions. 3 others jettisoned 7.5 tons on the return route. 25 returned to base at 1215 hours. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields. 22 effective sorties.

Rendezvoused on MANDURIA – SAN VITO line at 0650 hours at 7,000 feet. The route then proceeded to KP VRBOUSKA (4312N – 1641E) at 0800 hours at 13,000 feet, to DOMBOVAR (4623N – 1808E) at 0915 hours; to MONOR (4721N – 1926E); to IP TAPTO SZELE (4720N – 1952E) at 21,000 feet; to target at 0942 on an axis of 128 degrees true. The rally was right and the formation passed over Lake LUDAS (4605N – 1950E); to RAGUSA (4231N – 1821E) to base. There was no escort.

The bomb strike photos show the target was well hit with a compact pattern of bursts. There were several large fires, explosion and black smoke. There was 10/10 high clouds above the formation over target with visibility limited to 4 miles by heavy haze.

Fighters: None

Flak: S-I-H flak was experienced for 3 – 3 minutes.

Total Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None. Victories: None.

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