28 B-24’s took off at 0554 to 0628 hours to bomb LOBAU Underground Oil Storage. 4 returned early, 3 of them jettisoning 6 tons and the others returning 2 tons to base. 24 a/c dropped 46 tons of 1,000 lb GP (.1 and .1 fusing) on the target at 1023 hours from 24,500 feet to 26,200 feet, and jettisoned 2 tons. 23 a/c returned to base at 1300 hours. None lost. None missing. 1 at friendly field, since returned to base.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group at MANDURIA on course to SAN VITO at 0704 hours at 7,000 feet, and with 98th and 376th Groups at SAN VITO. From rendezvous proceeded to keypoint, SCEDRO ISLAND (4305N – 1642E) at 0814 hours at 14,700 feet (2700 feet higher than briefed). Thence to turnpoint KERESZTUR (4441N – 1722E), to turnpoint CSORNA (4737N – 1741E), to turnpoint FEL BAR (4757N – 1728E), to turnpoint PEZINOK (4817N – 1716E), to IP HOCHSTETNO (4820N – 1654E) to target, attacking on a heading of 242 degrees true. Rallied sharply left off target to turnpoint PAMHAGEN (4742N – 1654E), to turpoint PITOMACA (4557N – 1714E), to keypoint SCEDRO Island (4305N – 1642E) to base. Weather over the entire route out and over the target was completely clear with visibility about 12 miles over the target. No clouds affected the return route. Escort was very good. About 50 P-38’s and P-51’s were met at MERESZTUR (4641N – 1722E) at 0935 hours at 24,500 feet and they left at 4340N – 1648E at 1141 hours. No radio jamming was reported.

Visual observation claimed good coverage with a good pattern. 3 fires were observed, one with heavy oil smoke up to about 10,000 feet and two emitting dirty grey smoke. Photo coverage showed the bursts plotted to be quite scattered with smoke of preceding two groups obscuring many bursts on the aiming point. These bombs were from “A” section as there was no photo coverage from the “B: section, the a/c of the latter section having claimed excellent results from visual observation.

Fighters: 5 JU-88’s were observed at 4447N – 1710E at 1130 hours at 20,000 feet, and 4 ME-109’s were observed at 4325N – 1646E at 1145 hours at 15,000 feet. No attacks were made on our formation

Flak: Over the target flak was intense, accurate and heavy, the formation was in this flak from 6 to 8 minutes. It was both of the aimed and barrage type, and was black in color with some white and several red puffs.

Total Losses: None. Damage: From Fighters – 0. From Flak – 13 (10 slight). Casualties: 2 wounded by flak (1 slight). Victories: None.

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