28 B-24’s took off at 0907 – 0930 hours to bomb TRENTO M?Y. 28 dropped 69.75 tons of 500 lb (.1 and .025) GP bombs on target at 1323 hours from 22,500 to 25,000 feet. 1 jettisoned .25 tons. 28 returned to base at 1637 hours. 1 had landed at a friendly field to discharge a wounded man but returned to this field shortly after the formation. 28 effective sorties were credited.

Rendezvoused with the remainder of the Wing on the Manduria – San Vito line at 1011 hours at 4,000 feet. From San Vito the course lay to 4350N – 1350E at 1208 hours at 20,400 feet, thence to Caorle (4536N – 1253E) at 1248 hours at 23,000 feet. At the C.P. (Sedico 4608N – 1206E) the formation broke into six ship boxes in trail. The assault was made on axis of 225° to 250° T. The rally was left back to the C.P. (Sedico) and a reciprocal course to base was followed… 5 to 10 P-51’s were encountered at 4510N – 1305E at 1245 hours and additional P-51’s were sighted until 1400 hours at 4510N – 1305E. The escort was evaluated by the crews as excellent.

Bomb strike photos of the first box over reveal hits far to the left of target. The lead ship of this box had A-5 trouble on the bomb run. Pictures from other boxes show hits developing in heavy smoke around the aiming point. However, accurate plotting is impossible due to smoke coverage. Scattered cumulus were encountered in the target area up to 2-3/10. The target itself was clear. Heavy smoke from previous bombs obscured the target from most boxes.

A. Fighers. None.
B. Flak. M-A-H for 2 to 3 minutes.

[No losses. 16 ships with minor damage from flak. 2 Men seriously wounded from flak. (1 landed at friendly field).]

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