I. Chronology.
28 B-24’s took off at 0807 hours to bomb Mezzocorona Railroad bridge. None returned early. 27 dropped 65 tons of 1,000 lb bombs .1 and non-delay fusing G.P.’s on target at 1202 to 1204 hours from 19,900 to 21,700 feet. 2 jettisoned 2 tons in Adriatic at 4115N – 1705E and 4500N – 1300E because of bomb release failure. 2 brought back 3 tons to base for the same reason. 28 returned to base at 1520 hours. 27 effective, 1 ineffective sorties.

II. Route and Assault Rendezvoused with 98th Group at San Vito on course and level at 7,200 feet at 0920 hours falling in line behind the 98th Group Wing leader, thence to keypoint (4352N – 1243E) at 1132 hours at 20,700 feet to Fiero Del Prim (4611N – 1149E) to I.P. Castello Di Fiemme (4617N -1125E) to target attacking on an axis of 250 degrees true. The rally was right and then left south of Trento to Conegliano (4554N – 1218E) to keypoint (4532N – 1243E) to Base. Clear at take-off. Scattered low clouds 6000′ tops first part of route over Adriatic. Clear rest of Adriatic. Visibility 15 miles in haze to target. 3/10 low tops 6000′ and 4/10 high bases 25000′ along route inland from Gulf of Venice. Clear over target. Air force winds very accurate. Wind over target 20000′ from 280 degrees at 25 mph. Base on return 5/10 cumulus bases 6000′. No difficulty due to weather in climb or descent at base. Visibility 15 miles in slight haze over target. No radio jamming reported.

III. Results. Bomb strike photos show a very good concentration of bursts around the bridge with north approaches probably seriously damaged, by near misses. Railroad lines 500 feet north of bridge cut by at least one direct hit. Two near misses at south end of bridge possibly have damaged the bridge structurally.

IV. Enemy Resistance A. Fighters. No E/A were sighted. B. Flak: Over the target flak was S/M-I_H and of 1 to 3 minutes duration, black, some white and of aimed variety.

[No losses. No Damage. No Casualties. No victories.

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