I. Chronology
28 B-24’s took off at 0711 to bomb the marshalling yard at Budapest Farencvaros. 25 A/C were over the target with 15 A/C dropping 36 tons of 1,000 lb RDX (fused .1 and .01) remainder of formation being too far right of target held their bombs. 3 A/C returned early. The formation then proceeded to the first alternate, Mincovci M/Y and 8 A/C dropped 20 tons. 2 A/C jettisoned 5 tons and two that dropped on the primary jettisoned 1.5 tons. 24 A/C returned to base at 1425 hours. None lost, none missing and one at a friendly field. There were 23 effective sorties.

II. Route and Assault
Rendezvoused behind 376th over San Vito at 0827 at 10,000 feet and proceeded to KP Grohote (4324N – 1618E) at 0933 Able at 20,400′ to Petrovac (4433N – 1621E) to Suhopolje (4548N – 1730E) to Dombovar (4622N – 1809E) to Czegled (4711N – 1948E) to Bereny (4730N – 1955E) to a point W of IP (4739N – 1917E) used as an IP to the target. The target was attacked at 1141 Able on an axis of 174 to 235 degrees from an altitude of 24,500′ to 27,900′. From the target a sharp rally left was make and course was laid to (4650N – 1908E) to Mihoijac (4546N – 1810E) to first alternate target Vincovci. The alternate was attacked at 1229 hours on a heading of 140 degrees from an altitude of 20,400 feet. From this target the course was direct to the base. Rendezvoused with 35 P-38’s at 0940, 24,000 feet (4433N – 1621E) and they departed at 1155 hours (4709N – 1910E) 21,000 feet. Weather over primary target was 2-3/10 cirrus at 24,000 feet. Over alternate weather was CAVU.

III. Results.
Visual observation of primary target reported fair to good concentration of hits left of AP and extending into south end of M/Y. Strike photo coverage was poor due to very sharp rally and did not show sufficient hits to corroborate visual reports. There were oil fires in the yards with smoke building up to 18,000 feet visible 50 miles away. There was one large explosion. On the alternate there was one hit in the yards with remaining bombs being well scattered according to photos.

IV. Enemy Resistance
Flak at primary target was M-I A H. There was none at alternate Vincovc. Two unidentified black S/E fighters being chased by P38s were seen at 1150 hours. They did not attack formation.

[No losses. A/C holed – 2 seriously. 1 killed and 1 moderately wounded. No victories.

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