I. Chronology
28 B-24’s took off at 0631 to 0710 hours to bomb Szob Railroad bridge. 2 early returns. 26 over target at 1040 hours dropping 52 tons of 2,000 lb RDX bombs with .1 nose and non-delay tail fuses from 18,700 to 20,500 feet. 26 returned to base at 1320 hours. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields. There were 26 effective sorties.

II. Route and Assault
Rendezvoused with other groups of Wing at San Vito at 0731 hours at 9,600 feet. Proceeded to keypoint Ragusa (4232N – 1822E) at 0816 hours at 14,300 feet, thence to turnpoint Palanka (4515N -1924E), to turnpoint Irsa (4715N – 1938E), to turnpoint Hatvan (4710N – 1941E), to turnpoint Balassagyarmat (4806N – 1918E), to turnpoint Hont Tesary (4813N – 1855E), to IP, Zseliz (4803N – 1839E), to target attacking on a heading of 151 degrees true. Bombing was done visually by individual boxes with the center of the bridge as the aiming point. Rallied left to turnpoint Romhany (4756N – 1915E), to turnpoint Irsa (4715N – 1938E), and thence on reciprocal course to base. There was 2/10 low and middle clouds at take off, and 4/10 middle clouds from Yugoslav mountains to 50 miles south and west of target. At the target it was CAVU. No difficulty on return due to weather. Escort of 30 to 40 P-51’s rendezvoused at 0935 hours at 4625N -1930E at 19,000 feet, and departed at 1148 hours at 4433N – 1910E at 17,000 feet. No radio jamming reported.

III. Results.
Visual observation claimed a good pattern in the target area, but no hits on the bridge, although there were 1 or 2 hits on the East approach to the bridge. Photographic coverage shows most of the bombs fell North and South of the bridge. One probable hit and one near miss on East approach to the bridge. Results were vitally affected by the fact that the lead ship (A-1-1) had a malfunction of the bomb sight and the deputy leader (A-1-2) had a rack malfunction.

IV. Enemy Resistance
A. Fighters: No E/A were sighted.
B. Flak: None at the target.

[No losses. No damage. No casualties. No victories.]

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