I. Chronology
28 B-24’s took off at 0658 to 0714 hours to bomb Adige/Mezzocorona Railroad Bridge. No early returns. 28 returned to base with their bomb load of 2 – 2000 lb GP bombs with .1 and non-delay fuses at 1330 hours, weather prevented the bombing of either the primary or the two alternate targets. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields. There were 28 ineffective sorties.

II. Route and Assault
Rendezvoused with other groups of Wing at San Vito at briefed time, 0816 hours, at 11,000 feet (1,000 feet higher than briefed to clear weather), back of 98th, the lead group. Proceeded to keypoint, Corle (4356N – 1253E), at 1028 hours (13 minutes later than briefed) at 19,600 feet (as briefed). Thence to turnpoint, Fiero Del Prim (4611N – 1149E) thence to IP Castello Di Fiemme (4617N – 1125E) at 1053 hours at 19,500 feet. “B” section of 2 boxes made a 180 degree turn just before IP and returned on reciprocal course to base. “A” section unable to turn at this point without bringing the other section into the weather, continued beyond the IP passing about 10 miles north of the target, turned south to just below Trento where the turn to the east was made about 6 miles shorter than briefed turnpoint, Arco (4555N – 1053E) being forced to do so by other groups coming down from the north through weather. Proceeded about 6 miles south of briefed leg from Arco to Vittorio (4559N – 1218E) and then returned on reciprocal course to base. There were scattered cumulus clouds over the Adriatic, and 10/10 altocumulus layer over the IP, target, and alternate targets. Cloud tops at 14,000 feet over the IP rose to above flight altitude at secondaries. Visibility was 6 to 10 miles at the target, and 2 miles at flight altitude over the alternates where rain was encountered. No escort provided or seen. No radio jamming reported.

III. Results.
All 28 a/c returned their 56 tons of bombs to base

IV. Enemy Resistance
A. Fighters: No E/A sighted.
B. Flak: None at target.

[No losses. Damage from flak – 2 minor. No casualties. No Victories.]

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