49 B-24’s took off at 0604 to 0637 hours to bomb various targets on the Brenner Pass Railway in an area bounded by 4647N – 1133E on the north and 4638N – 1137E on the south. None returned early. 1 returned prior to formation having dropped 1 ton 2,000 GP (.1 and .01) bombs on a target of opportunity, a small factory at PIEVE (4610N 1222E). this aircraft had previously jettisoned 1 ton attempting to remain in formation. 27 dropped 65.75 tons 500 lb (.1 and .01) GP bombs; 19 dropped 38 tons 2,000 lb (.1 and .01) GP bombs. 2 a/c jettisoned 4.5 tons. Of the 46 a/c dropping on target, 3 jettisoned a total of 1.75 tons. 48 returned to base at 1335 hours. None lost, missing, or at friendly fields. 49 sorties were credited.

Rendezvoused with 450th, 98th, and 376th Groups on course to San Vito at 0735 hours. From San Vito the course lay to Bisevo (4259N – 1600E); thence to 4440N – 1340E. At Sacile (4557N – 1230E) a turn to Lienz (4650N – 1246E) was made and thence to Zeil (4714N – 1153E), to Matrei (4708N – 1127E). At the latter point boxes fell into trail as the turn toward the I. P. (4657N – 1123E) was made. Each box chose its course to its individual target. Attacks were made on axis from 147 to 180 degrees true. The rally was left to Sacile where a reciprocal course to base was begun. No escort was briefed. Bombing was visual from altitudes of 18,700 to 20,500 feet.

The Aim Points (AP) listed below are identified by coordinates on GSGS 4164, BRESSANONE Sheet (4A), Italy 1:100,000. Results are from strike photos.
1. A-1 box, AP at (R) W 202-925, 7 a/c dropped 16.25 tons 500 lb GP bombs. AP hit with bombs walking across tracks. Line probably cut.
2. A-2 box, AP at (R) W 203-930, 7 a/c dropped 17.25 tons 500 lb GP bombs. Bombs overshot AP into fields and river.
3. B-1 box and B-2 box, AP at ( R ) W 205-935, 14 a/c dropped 32.25 tons 500 lb GP bombs. Overshot to edge of town and wooded section.
4. C-1 and C-2 box, AP at ( R ) W 189-908, 13 a/c dropped 24 tons 2,000 lb GP bombs. Small village south of bridge hit. Two direct hits on rail line immediately south of bridge.
5. C-3 box, AP at ( R ) W 190 -010, 7 a/c dropped 14 tons 2,000 lb GP bombs. Line to Lienz probably cut with good pattern around AP.

A. Fighters. None
B. Flak. None

[No losses. No Damage. No casualties.]

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