42 B-24’s took off at 0938 to 1011 hours to bomb KOMAROM M/Y. 2 returned early and 1 was a prior return. 39 a/c went over the target at 1346 to 1349 hours. 38 of which dropped 75.5 tons of 500 lb RDX bombs with .1 nose and .o25 tail fuses from 18,900 to 21,500 feet and jettisoned .5 tons, and 1 jettisoned 2 tons at 4659N – 1836E because of rack malfunctions. The 2 early returns and the 1 prior return all jettisoned their total load of 6 tons of bombs. 1 jettisoned 2 tons in the bay south of TARANTO; 1 jettisoned 2 tons at 4429N – 1601E through accidental release; and the prior return jettisoned 1 ton 5 miles east of NAGYKANIZA and 1 ton at 4605N – 1707E because unable to carry with one feathered engine.

Rendezvoused 376th Group at San Vito on course at 9,000 feet at 1100 hours. Proceeded to keypoint, Vragada (4351N – 1531E) at 16,000 feet at 1212 hours, to turnpoint, Budimlic Japra (4453N -1626E), to turnpoint, Kozarac (4458N – 1651E), to turnpoint Buc (4528N – 1723E), to turnpoint, Lebeny (4744N – 1723E), to the I.P. Megyer (4752N – 1746E). Being squared away and in trail over the I.P. a good bomb run was made to the target on the briefed heading of 114 degrees true. Bombing was done visually by 6 individual boxes of 7 ships each. Rallied right to turnpoint, Mezoors (4736N -1753E), to turnpoint, Kozarac (4458N – 1651E), to turnpoint, Scedro Island (4350N – 1643E), to base.

Weather along route consisted mainly of broken to overcast skies with ceilings at 10,000 to 12,ooo feet. Clear over the target with visibility over 20 miles.

30 to 40 P-51’s were met at 4622N – 1649E, Kotoriba at 1208 hours at 20,000 feet. They departed at 4205N – 1643E, Scedro Island at 1529 hours at 18,500 feet.

No radio jamming was reported.

Visual observation reported excellent results with the target area being well covered. Many fires were seen, one unusually large being seen in the middle of the M/Y with flames shooting several hundred feet into the air and over the whole width of the yard.
Photographic coverage showed good results as follows:

1. “A” Section with the aiming point nearest the center of the west side of the M/Y, had 34 bomb bursts plotted in the immediate vicinity of the yards, and 15 bursts scattered to the SE for 1,000 to 2,500 feet.
2. “B” Section with the next aiming point to the west, had 28 bursts plotted within the immediate vicinity of the yares, and 32 bursts scattered from 2,000 to 3,000 feet east, a few (8) of which hit the choke point in the eastern end of the yards.
3. “C” Section with the center of the overpass on the highway bridge as the aiming point, had 49 bursts in the immediate vicinity of the yards the greater majority falling just north in the river, with many near misses on the highway bridge, and one possible direct hit on the overpass. 3 other bombs were scattered outside the pattern.

A. Fighters. One unidentified a/c seen either following or making pass at a crippled B-24 at 4348N – 1540E at 10,000 feet at 1209 hours. Observation altitude was 18,000 feet. There were no encounters with enemy aircraft.
B. Flak. Scant, inaccurate, heavy flak was encountered at the target for aperiod of about 2 minutes.

[No losses. No Damage. No casualties.]

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