48 B-24’s took off at 0708 to 0755 hours to bomb Kagran and Florisdorf Oil Refineries at Vienna, Austria. The group operated as two units termed “Blue force I” whose target was the Florisdorf Refinery, and “Blue Force II” with Kagran refinery as its target. 2 returned early. Both units turned back without attacking, having encountered impassable weather. 23 returned 45.5 tons; 23 jettisoned 46.5 tons. 46 returned to base at 1246 hours.
46 non-effective sorties were credited.

Neither attack unit was able to maintain its briefed course from mid-Adraiatic because of weather. Blue Force II turned right of course crossing the Yugoslavian coast at 4250N – 1740E at 0928 hours at 17,000 feet.From that point the formation described a long curve to the northeast attempting to pierce the front. At 4610N – 1600E at 1102 hours at 23,500 feet further progress became impossible and the formation performed a 180 degree turn taking a reciprocal course to base.

Blue Force I attempted to pass the weather by flying north (to left of course) over the Adriatic. At 4500N – 1410E at 1040 hours at 22,500 feet the fomation passed inland. At 4620N – 1410E at 1107 hours at 22,500 feet forward progress became impossible and the formation returned to the Adriatic passing immediately north of Trieste. The Italian coastline was followed south to base.

Blue Force I sighted 30 P-38’s at 4250N – 1530E at 0953 hours at 22,000 feet. Blue Force II sighted 25 P-38’s at 1100 hours at 4537N – 1523E at 20,000 feet. Neither unit was able to give departure data because of cloud interference.

No bombs were dropped on targets or alternates.

10/10 clouds to 25,000 feet prevented the units reaching target areas.

A. Fighters. None
B. Flak. None

[No losses. No Damage. No casualties.]

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