28 B-24’s took off at 0706 hours to attack parked a/c on the Aviano A/D. There were no early returns. 28 dropped on the target 66 tons of 100 lb frag bombs at 1056 hours from 20,000 to 22,300 feet. Two of these a/c jettisoned partial loads amounting to 1.25 tons. 28 returned to base at 1328 hours. None lost, none missing, note at friendly fields.

There were 28 effective sorties.

Rendezvoused with the 376th Group at San Vito on course to Manduria at 10,000 feet at 0818 hours as the Wing lead. Proceeded a bit to the left of briefed course but was exactly on keypoint at 4400N-1350E to IP at 4530N-1306E to target, attacking on a heading of 315 degrees true. Bombing was done visually and by individual boxes as each box had a different briefed aiming point. Rallied right and proceeded to 4624N-1301E to 4609N-1346E, swung a bit left of course to avoid flak at Trieste to turnpoint 4400N-1420E to base.

The weather shoed onlya few low clouds far below flight level to 4145N-1611E. High clouds at 25,000 feet throughout the entire route, thickening and increasing in amount over the Northern Adriatic. At the target there were no clouds below flight level but a slight reduction in visibility to 15 miles due to haze, and broken overcast high clouds above flight level. On return there were only a few low clouds but with dense cirrus lowering to 231,000 feet over Fiume Peninsula. No hindering weather on remainder of return route.

Approximately 30 P-51’s were sighted at 4538N-1305E at 1045 hours and were left in the target area at 1100 hours.

No radio jamming was reported.

All aiming points were hit with good concentrations of bombs and excellent patterns. 4 e/a were probably destroyed or seriously damaged by hits or near misses. There were approximately 30 e/a, most of which are S/E fighters, well dispersed on the A/D.


A. Fighters: 2 ME-109’s were sighted in the target area but no passes were made at the formation.

B. Flak: No flak was experienced over the target.

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None.]

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