27 B-24’s took off at 063f7 to 0717 hours to bomb Brod/Sava Road Bridge. None returned early. 7 dropped 18 tons of 2,000 lb (.1 and .01) RDX bombs on target at 1031 hours from 20,000 to 21,000 feet. 19 dropped 54 tons of 2,000 (.1 and .01) RDX bombs on Dusoj R/R Bridge and Road Bridges (4444N-1755E) (an alternate target) at 1006 hours from 16,500 to 19,000 feet. 1 dropped 3 tons of 2,000 (.1 and .01) RDX bombs on Zenica R/R Bridge (4444N-1755E) (an alternate target) at 1018 hours from 16,500 to 18,000 feet. Of the 7 a/c dropping on the primary target, 1 returned 2 tons to base and 1 jettisoned 1 ton in the Adriatic. 20 returned to base at 1135 hours, 6 at 1227 hours. None lost, none missing, 1 at a friendly field. The crew of this last ship has been ferried to base.

27 sorties were credited.


Passed over San Vito at 0745 hours at 10,000 feet as lead group of this Wing with other groups to follow at 15 minute intervals. From San Vito the course lay to Drvenik (4327N-1606E) over which the formation passed at 0914 hours at 18,700 feet. At 0935 hours the formation, still on course, dropped to 18,500 feet to avoid cirrus clouds. At 4453N-1701E the formation turned toward the IP for the first alternate, Duboj Bridge; the turn was to the right to a true course of 80 degrees. The haze and cirrus thickened and separated the lead box from the rest of the formation immediately after this turn. Just before reaching the briefed IP for the alternate, the lead box found its course to the primary open and proceeded to attack on an axisof 70 degrees true. The remaining three boxes could not follow because of the low cirrus between the lead box and themselves.These boxes attacked the first alternate Duboj Bridges on an axis of 150 degrees true. The attack units returned to base by direct routes from their respective targets.

Wather was clear to the Dalmatian Coast where a broken deck of high cloud commenced. The clouds increased and lowered toward the target. Target area weather was 10/10 with bases at 20,500 feet and visibility of 25 miles or less.

Strike photos show the primary missed with bursts about 1 mile S of AP. results on Zenica Railroad bridge are unobserved. The R/R bridge at Duboj has a direct hit on the center span and the approach cut in two places. 3 bursts are plotted in the M/Y about 3,000 feet from bridge. A few bursts are shown in the town.


A. Fighters: None

B. Flak: Nil at alternates. I-A-H at primary. The flak was aimed and very accurate with 6 or 7 ships over the target damaged. The formation was in flak for 4 minutes.

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak– 6(4 slight, 1 had an engine out from a single small hit. 1 received a direct hit in the waist section almost severing the tail section. The a/c was flown to a friendly field after receiving the hit). Casualties: From flak — 1 Killed, tail gunner a/c #43.]

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