37 B-24’s took off at 0721 to 0739 hours to bomb the M/Y at Sopron, Austria. 2 returned early. 28 dropped 56 tons of 500 lb (.1 and non-delay) RDX bombs on target at 1147 hours from 22,100 to 23,300 feet. 5 dropped 10 tons of 500 lb (.1 and non delay) RDX bombs on a target of opportunity, a M/Y at Nagycenk (4736N-1642E) at 1149 hours from 22,700 feet. 2 jettisoned 4 tons at 4240N-1740E) and 4727N-1650E, respectively. 34 returned to base at 1455; 1 returned at 1630 hours having refueled at a friendly field. None lost, none missing, none at friendly fields.

33 effective, 2 non-effective sorties were credited.


Rendezvoused with 450th Group as the second group in our wing over San Vito at 0849 hours at 12,000 feet. The formation departed San Vito on course to Laosta (4246N-1655E). At Lagosta, 6-8/10 undercast was encountered and simultaneously the PFF equipment failed. Proceeding by DR navigation, the formation found itself in flak over Maribor at 111 hours at 21,000 feet. The formation circled left (west) around the flak area and proceeded to the IP, Friedberg (4727N-1603E). The IP was reached at 1133 hours at 23,000 feet. From that point the entire target area appeared solidly overcast so a turn was made to the East to bring the formation home. At 4731N-1647E, the target suddenly became visible to the lead through an opening in the undercast. He swung the formation onto an axis of 330 degrees for an attack. Bombs were dropped through this opening and a rally left off the target put the formation on course to the SW end of Lake Balaton, a briefed turning point. From that point the formation proceeded directly to base.

No escort was briefed and no friendly a/c were sighted in the target area.

From the Dinaric Alps northward to the target area 6-8/10 low clouds and 6/10 high (24,000′) clouds were encountered. Over Sopron the cloud cover was 8-10/10 with a large break over the target itself.


Bomb strike photos reveal little damage to primary target with only 8 to 10 bursts in or near M/Y.

The target of opportunity was not damaged, bombs dropping in a stream bed 3,000 feet from chosen AP.


A. Fighters: None

B. Flak. none at target.

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak, 2 severe (1 engine knocke out, 1 right aileron badly damaged), 3 minor. Casualties: None.]

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