28 B-24’s took off at 0740 – 0815 hours to bomb Moosbierbaum Oil Refinery. None returned early. 28 dropped 56 tons of 500 lb RDX bombs, .1 nose and .01, .025 and long delay tail fusing, on target at 1220 hours from 23,000 to 24,900 feet. 24 returned to base at 1540 hours. 1 lost, none missing and 3 at friendly fields.

There were 28 effective sorties.

Rendezvoused with 450th Broup over Manduria as the third group in the Wing formation, thence to San Vito, where a dog-leg to 4102N -1702E, to 4303N – 1620e, to 4553N – 1700E, to 4728N – 1535E, to Luna (4752N – 1502E) to IP Wieselburg (4808N -1508E), attacking on an axis of 69 degrees True. The rally was left, then right around Vienna flak zone, to Cifer (4818N – 1730E) to Redervar (4750N – 1728E), to 4620N – 1645E to Vis, to base.

Rendezvouse with 50 P-38’s and 50 P51’s near Fehring (4658N – 1600E) at 1120 hours. The P-51’s are reported as departing at 4630N – 1700E at 1330 hours, the P-38’s departing at 4410N -1614E at 1407 hours.

Weather on route out: 2-3/10 low cumulus clouds with tops averaging 10,000 feet except in Steyr area where tops built up to 22,000 feet. A 1-2/10 high cloud above flight altitude on north part of route. Weather at target: 3/10 cumulus built up to 22,000 feet with 1/10 high cloud above bombing altitude. Visibility over 30 miles. Winds at bombing altitude from 250 degrees at 55 MPH. Snow was reported on the ground in the Knin area, in the Zagreb area, and on the higher plateaus between Steyr and Vienna.

Bombing was visual. An effective smoke screen covered the target. Visual observation of the bomb strikes report much black smoke coming up through the smoke screen on the ground. Bomb strike photos show concentration of bursts in open field 2,000 to 3,000 feet northwest of target. Also good pattern of bursts in western end of chemical works on south banks of Danube.


A. Fighters: No enemy fighters were seen or encountered.

B. Flak. Over the target the group experienced moderate to intense, accurate, heavy flak of from 3 to 6 minutes duration

[Losses: 1, from flak. Damage: From flak, 1 severe, 9 minor. Casualties: None.]

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