36 B-24’s took off at 0803 to 0846 hours to bomb Innsbruck Main M/Y. Three returned early. One was a prior return. 32 were over the target, 1 of the 32 a/c over target jettisoning 2 tons because of accidental release, the remaining 31 dropped on target 59.25 tons of 500 lb M-17 Aimable Cluster Incendiary bombs at 1234 hours and 1306 hours (two runs were made over target one box of 12 a/c dropped on first run) from 21,700 to 25,000 feet. One of the 31 a/c over the target jettisoned .25 tons because of malfunction. 31 returned at 1627 hours. None lost. None missing. 1 at a friendly field.

There were 31 effective and 2 non-effective sorties.

Rendezvoused as the third group in the wing over San Vito at 7,000 feet at 0908 hours, thence to Sansego (4430N – 1419E) at 1046 hours at 19,000 feet, thence to Millstatter Lake (4647N – 1336E) to Uffing (4743N – 1109E) to Reutte (4729N – 1043E) to I. P. Haiming (4716N – 1053E) to target attacking on an axis of 88 degrees true. The target was 9-10/10 covered by cloud and the lead PFF had difficulty in picking up the target. 12 a/c of B-1 box however dropped on target on this bomb run. The lead made a turn to the left to 4725N – 1125E, to 4735N – 1146E, to Tegern Lake (4742N – 1145E) to Kochel (4739N – 1122E) to Uffing (4743N – 1109E) to the I. P. Haiming to taget again attacking on an axis of 88 degrees true. The rally was left to 4725N – 1125E to Millistatter Lake (4647N – 1336E) and reciprocal of route to base.

There was no fighter escort assigned this group.

Bombing on each of the runs over the target was done by PFF methods. The target was 9-10/10 covered and the results of the bombing were not observed. Due also to the cloud cover at target bomb strike photographs do not show any plotable bomb strikes.


A. Fighters: There were no encounters with enemy fighters

B. Flak: At the target this group experienced scant to moderate, inaccurate, heavy flak of from 0 to 3 minutes (on second run over target one section encountered no flak).

[Losses: None. Damage: 1 Minor, from flak. Casualties: None.]

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