35 B-24’s took off at 0824 to 0849 hours to bomb Weis Main Marshalling Yard. No early returns. 2 prior returns. 30 a/c dropped 72.5 tons of 500 lb RDX with .1 nose and .01 and non-delay tail fuses (but with 2 of the bombs on each a/c having 1 to 12 hours delay fuses) at 1223 hours from 22,000 to 23,800 feet.3 a/c dropped 5.5 tons on Villach M/Y at 1204, 1205, and 1214 hours from 18,500 to 19,000 feet; and jettisoned 1 ton at 4753N – 1428E at 1135 hours from 19,000 feet, 1/2 ton at 4705N – 1330E at 1214 hours from 18,500 feet, 1/2 ton at 4635N – 1330E at 1150 hours from 19,000 feet, 2 a/c jettisoned 2-1/2 tons at 4805N -1410E at 1230 hours from 20,000 feet and 2-1/2 tons at 4508N – 1404E at 1214 hours from 18,000 feet. 35 returned at 1528 hours. None lost, none missing, none at friendly fields.

33 effective and 2 non-effective sorties were flown.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group as the second group in the wing at Manduria on course to San Vito at 0923 hours (16 minutes later than briefed time) at 9,700 feet (5,700 feet above briefed altitude). Proceeded to keypoint Sansego (4430N – 1419E) at 19,200 feet at 1005 hours, and thence to split-point Milstatter Lake (4647N – 1336E) (except for slight dog leg about 20 miles to the right near Trieste to point 4552N – 1415E and back to course because of weather). Thence went to I. P. (4757N – 1336E) to target on heading of 71 degrees true. All bombing was done by PFF by boxes in trail, except that A-2 flew to right and bombed on A-1 box because of Mickey failure. Rallied sharp right to Milstatter Lake (4647N – 1336E) and thence to base on reciprocal of route out.

Weather – Broken to overcast low clouds and scattered to broken hing clouds the whole route out. the target itself was obscured by 10/10 cover with tops at 16,000 feet. In the whole target area there was 5/10 low clouds and 1/10 high clouds at flight level. Same concitions on route back except were no low clouds over Adriatic south of Vis Island. Base on return covered with scattered low clouds at 5,000 feet. Snow was on the ground at Weis.

Escort of 36 P-38’s was met at the rendezvous point, Milstatter Lake (4647N – 1336E) at 1131 hours at 22,000 feet. They departed at 4500N – 1410E at 1325 hours at 18,000 feet.

No radio jamming was reported.

Because of complete cloud coverage, results could not be observed either visually or by photo coverage.

Visual observation of results at Villach reported that the bombs of 1 a/c exploded in the center of the yard, bombs of the 2nd a/c hit sheds with one bomb on the tracks, and bombs of the 3rd a/c missed the target. Partial photo coverage showed a concentration of 8 bursts in open fields near the city.


A. Fighters: none

B. Flak: none

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None.]

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