28 B-24’s took off at 0751 – 0822 hours to bomb Rosenheim M/Y. One returned early. 11 dropped on the target 26 tons of 500 lb RDX and GP (.1 and .01 fusing and 1/4 to per a/c long delay fusing) at 1136 – 1138 hours from 20,600 to 21,700 feet. 16 dropped 36.75 tons on the first alternate Innsbruck M/Y at 1156 – 1200 hours from 20,000 to 22,000 feet. 3 of a/c dropping on targets also jettisoned 1.25 tons. The a/c which returned early jettisoned 2.5 tons in the Adriatic. 26 returned to base at 1503 hours. None lost, none missing, 1 at a friendly field — its crew returned to base..

27 effective sorties were credited.

Rendezvoused as Wing lead over Manduria with 450th Group on course to San Vito at 4,100 feet at 0828 hours. The formation then proceeded to Key Point 4533N-1244E at 1043 hours at 21,000 feet, from there the course was as follows: Schwaz (4722N-1143E) at 1119 hours 21,700 feet, to 4744N-1124E at 1128 hours at 21,700 feet, to I. P. Holzkirchen (4753N-1142E) at 1152 hours at 21,700 feet. At the I.P. the lead ship observed that primary target was cloud covered and that an alternate, Innsbruck, was clear. The lead informed the formation that the assault would be made on the alternate ratehr than the primary. Some of the a/c in the group did not understand the instructions and as the group circled to take a heading for Innsbruck, the deputy lead and 10 other a/c began a PFF bombing run on the primary target. The rest of the formation followed the lead ship in visually bombing Innsbruck M/Y. The a/c bombing Rosenheim by PFF did son on a heading of 90 degrees true; while those attacking Innsbruck took a 240 degree true heading. As the lead ship and 15 othe a/c bombed Innsbruck, the 11 a/c which had already bombed Rosenheim did a 360 degree circle and then proceeded on to 4624N-1222E where at 1215 hours another 360 degree circle was made and rejoined the a/c which had bombed Innsbruck. From there the formation proceeded to 4533N-1240E at 1240 hours at 18,300 feet and from there proceeded direct to base.

Only low clouds over first portion of route increasing northward to 8-9/10 from Vis Isle to … with patches of middle level cloud up to 15,000 feet. Clear over norht Adriatic and Alps. Over Rosenheim 10/10 low clouds obscured the target. Visibility over 20 miles. Wind at bombing altitude from 190 degrees at 25 mph. Over Innsbruck 3/10 low clouds permitted visual bombing. Visibility over 20 miles. Wind at altitude same as for Rosenheim. No change in weather on return except improvement in conditions over south Italy and base. 3/10 low clouds at 5,000 feet on return.

An escort of 30 P-38’s redndzvoused at 4641N-1206E at 1105 hours at 24,000 feet. Escort on penetration, over the target, and withdrawal was good. At 1227 hours the escort departed at 4610N-1220E at 17,000 feet.

11 a/c (A-1 and B-1 minus 3 a/c) bombed primary target Rosenheim M/Y by PFF. No results were observed due to complete undercast. 16 a/c (A-2 and B-2 plus 3 a/c) bombed first alternate target Innsbruck M/Y visually, A-2 having no photo coverage. B-2 photos show 30 bursts in center of yards.


A. Fighters: None

B. Flak: Rosenheim — none. Innsbruck — M-A-H for 2 to 4 minutes duration

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak — 17 (2 severe, 15 minor). Casualties: 3 (Nose gunner of a/c 19 seriously wounded in abdomen. Bombardier a/c 19 slightly wounded. Tail gunner a/c 74 wounded in right heel.]

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