28 B-24’s took off at 0811 hours to attack the Freilassing Locomotive Depot. There were 2 early returns and 2 prior returns. Because the primary was cloud obscured, a PFF was made on the secondary target, Salzburg M/Y. 7 dropped on the target 13 tons of 500 lb RDX bombs at 1244 hours from 25,500 to 25,600 feet. 17 others jettisoned 33.5 tons at 4735N-1330E at 1322 hours from 24,300 to 25,00 feet. 7 returned to base at 1534 hours and 15 returned at 1606 hours. None lost, none missing, 2 at friendly fields.

There were 7 effective and 19 non-effective sorties.

Rendezvoused with the 450th Group as the last group in the Wing line at Manduria on course to San Vito at 7,000 feet at 0910 hours. Proceeded from San Vito to 4113N-1655E where a dog-leg was made to the right to avoid bad weather. Proceeded to 4235N-1750E to 4310N-1610E to Zara (4407N-1514E) to V. Lasce (4550N-1438E) to Mittersill (4717N-1226E) to Kurstein (4735N-1211E) to I.P. to target, attacking on a heading of 113 degrees true. A-1 box bombed their target by PFF, but A-2 box lost A-1 box in the clouds and as this box had no PFF ship did not attack Salzburg. The PFF navigator in the B-1 box could not pick up the target clearly and so the bombs were not dropped as the lead had noticed briefly a break in the clouds over the primary, a 360 degree turn was made to make a second run on the primary. A-2 box fell in behind B-1 and B-2 box on their turn to also make a second run on the primary. However, the primary was cloud covered on the second run and as the PFF navigator again could not pick up Salzburg M/Y, a turn was made to come home. As no target of opportunity was visible because of the undercast, bombs were jettisoned at 4735N-1330E. A-1 box rallied right off the target at Salzburg and then observing flak at Hallein, rallied left at 4744N-1305E to 4743N-131E, turned right and proceeded to Klagenfurt (4637N-1419E) to Zara (4407N-1514E) to west of course to base.

There was generally 10/10 undercast throughout most of the route with the best condition about 7/10 low clouds. No clouds were near the flight level, however. Both the primary and the secondary were obscured by 10/10 low clouds. On return, no clouds were near flight level until over the Southern Adriatic where towering low clouds forced a deviation to the west of course off Bari. Visibility wa very poor over sourthern Adriatic becoming as low as 3 miles.

Rendezvous was made with approximately 20 P-38’s at 4540N-1440E at 1144 hours at 21,700 feet and provided penetration, target and withdrawal cover. Escort departed at 4710N-1350E at 1255 hours at 24,000 feet.

No radio jamming was reported.

No results wee observed because of the solid undercast of low clouds and no bursts are visible in the photographs for the same reason. The PFF navigator reported that he did not have the Salzburg M/Y clearly defined and could not kill for course and that the southern section of Salzburg was probably hit.

A. Fighters: No enemy aircraft were sighted

B. Flak: Flak at Salzburg was M-A-H andof approximately 4 minutes duration. It was reported as very accurate and of the aimed type.

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak — 15(1 severe, 14 minor). Casualties: 3(1 severe, 2 minor)]

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