17 B-24’s took off at 0802 – 0814 hours to bomb Rosenheim West M/Y. 2 returned early. 15 dropped 36 tons of 500 lb GP bombs on target at 1237 hours from 23,750 to 24,300 feet. One of the a/c over target jettisoned .5 tons. 15 returned to base at 1535 hours. None lost, none missing and none at friendly fields.

there were 15 effective sorties.

Rendezvoused over Manduria at 8,000 feet at 0900 hours. Other groups in Wing were late and this group went into position as the second group in the Wing formation instead of the fourth as briefed. This group was the second group over target. From Manduria the course was to San Vito to KP 45333N-1244E at 1138 hours at 22,000 feet, thence to 4722N-1143E to 4735N-1130E. On account of weather this group did not go to the IP but made a turn on target at the last mentioned point (4735N-1130E) attacking on an axis of 65 degrees true. The rally was right, thence to 4553N-1244E to base.

Broken clouds to overcast in Venice area. Over Alps scattered low cloud with a deck of scattered high cloud at 26,000 feet. Over Rosenheim 8/10 middle cloud up to 16,000 feet and 7/10 high cloud at 24,000 feet. Visibility over Rosenheim and over rest of route about 15 miles in haze. Over Alps vapor trails were noted being made by all planes from 21,000 to 24,000 feet.

Due to weather this group was approximately 30 minutes late. Escort called lead ship and advised the P-51’s would be in the target area. From 4 to 30 P-51’s were reported by various crews on course from 1124 hours at 4450N-1313E to target. Escort was reported as leaving from shortly after target to 1321 hours at 4533N-1244E. Weather no doubt played a large part in accounting for the diversity of reported fighter rendezvous and departure.

Bombing was done by PFF. Due to 10/10 cover at target no results wer observed. Bomb strike photos show bombs away into undercast.


A. Fighters: No enemy aircraft were seen.

B. Flak: No flak was encountered.

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None]

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