27 B-24’s took off at 0835 – 0850 hours to bomb LINZ North Main M/Y. 12 returned early (1 of these landing at a friendly field) after jettisoning 231/2 tons of bombs. 2 returned for mechanical failures, 2 for lack of oxygen, 1 for lack of gasoline, 1 for leaking main gas cap, and 6 because box B-2 lost the group formation in weather and itself became dispersed in clouds (B-2 lead having returned prior because of lack of oxygen). 14 A/C dropped 27 tons of 500 lb GP bombs on target at 1303 hours from 25,000 to 26,500 feet. 1 A/C dropped 1 ton on SALZBURG at 1301 hours from 24,500 feet and jettisoned 1 ton. 13 returned to base at 1638 hours and 1 crashed at base on return at 1638 hours. 1 lost, none missing, and 1 at friendly field.

Rendezvoused as the third group in the Wing at SAN VITO at 0944 hours at 10,500 instead of at MANDURIA as briefed, to avoid collision course with 376th Group and to get into position in Wing formation. Proceeded to keypoint, CAORLE (4536 N – 1253 E) at 1157 hours (11 minutes earlier than briefed) at 24,000 feet. Thence to turnpoint, AVIANO (4604 N – 1236 E), to turnpoint, REISCHAC H (4818 N – 1243 E), to turnpoint, BIRNBACH (4826 N – 1306 E), to IP, ZELL (4819 N – 1339 E), to target. Bombing was done by two boxes in trail, A-1 and B-l, on respective headings of 131° and 126° true, the 3 A/C remaining from A-2 box bombing with and dropping on the lead of the 6 A/C in A-1 box. A left rally was made to turnpoint, WEITERSFELDEN (4328 N – 1443 B), to turnpoint, ZELTWEG (4712 N – 1445 E), to turnpoint, ZARA (4407 N � 1515E), to base.
Weather on route out 9/10 each low and middle cloud first portion of route, decreasing to 6/10 middle cloud over Central Adriatic, and increasing again to 10/10 high cloud up to 24,000 feet over the Alps. At the target there were 10/10 high cloud up to 25,000 feet with visibility over 20 miles. On the return, 10/10 high cloud persisted south to FIUME with 8/10 each low and middle level clouds to VIS Isle. From 2/10 to 3/10 low clouds at 5,000 feet remainder of route and over base.
30/35 P-51’s rendezvoused with the formation at 1150 hours at 4515 N – 1315 E at 24,000 feet, and 20 P-51’s were last seen at 1420 hours at 4407 N – 1515 E at 17,000 feet.

Bombing was done by PFF method, and results could not be observed either visually or by photo cover because of 10/10 undercast. Bomb run was good and the bombing was believed to be successful.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak �M � I � H at the target for a period of 2 to 3 minutes duration.
One lost (42-99770 crashed at base); none damaged; in crash at base � 2 killed, 3 seriously injured, 6 slightly injured; no victories.

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