DATE: 19 January 1945

28 B-24’s took off from 0855 to 0950 hours to bomb BROD NORTH Marshalling Yard. 1 returned early due to mechanical failure jettisoning 2 tons of bombs in the Adriatic. 26 dropped 49.25 tons of 500 lb GP bombs on target at 1219 hours from 23,000 to 25,600 feet. 1 a/c failed to drop on target and jettisoned 2 tons in the Adriatic on return. 27 returned to base at 1418 hours. None lost, missing or at friendly fields.
26 effective, 2 non-effective sorties were credited.

Rendezvoused behind 450th Group as last group in Wing at 1022 hours at 10,000 feet. From there the route lay over SAN VITO at 1030 hours at 16,000 feet, thence to SPLIT at 1138 hours at 21,000 feet. From SPLIT the course went to BOS GRADISKA (4509 N 1713 E) at 1209 hours at 25,000 feet from which point a turn was made to the I.P., BATRINA (4312 N -1739 E) from which an attack was made on the target on an axis of 110 degrees true. A sharp rally to the right quickly cleared the defended area. After passing over SOKOLAC (4356 N – 1848 E) the formation proceeded to base.
There were scattered middle and low level clouds enroute and return but not sufficient to interfere with the mission. There were 3/10 low clouds with 30 mile visibility.

Strike photos reveal the following results by box:
A-1 – A close pattern at the W choke point with rail line from W cut at least once.
A-2 – No photo coverage.
B-1 – A close pattern on the AP.
B-2 – A close pattern 500 feet W of AP but in yard

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak – S/LI – I – H at target for 2 to 3 minutes. The flak bursts were black and apparently of both barrage and aimed. One crew reported at least one burst that burst into a large black cloud with bright red flames within. It seemed to float slowly downward with the flames persisting several minutes.

None lost, 2 damaged (minor), no casualties, no victories.

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