28 B-4’8 took off at 0731 – 0810 hours to bomb VERONA/PARONA R/R Bridge. 2 returned early. 26 A/C turned back at 1107 hours at 26,400 feet at 4534 N – 1255 E on account of weather, 10/10 undercast at the point of turnback. Weather A/C reported primary and both alternate targets 10/10 overcast. Bomb load carried consisted of 4 – 1.000 lb GP bombs per A/C. 25 A/C returned 49 tons to base. 1 of the 25 jettisoned 1 ton. 1 A/C jettisoned 2 tons. 2 early returns jettisoned 4 tons. 26 returned to base at 1320 hours. None lost, none missing, none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 450th over MANDURIA at 0837 hours at 13,000 feet as the second group in the Wing formation. Thence to SAN VITO to 4111 N – 1653 E, to 4143 N – 1543 E, to 4346 N – 1346 E at 1028 1/2 hours at 25,500 feet to 4539 N – 1255 E at 1107 hours at 26,400 feet, where the formation turned back on account of weather. 10/10 clouds at point of turnback. Weather A/C reported both primary and alternate targets 10/10 cloud covered. From point of turnback formation proceeded direct to base.
Variable amounts of middle level clouds (from 3 to 8/10) were reported from SAN VIVO northward. Clouds generally increased northward and became multi-layered with several deck of lower and higher clouds opposite POLA. Clouds extended up to 27,500 feet over VENICE area of north Adriatic. Air Force weather A/C reported all three targets overcast.

No target was bombed

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak � None.

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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