30 B-24’s took off at 0759 to 0817 hours to bomb MOOSBIERBAUM Oil Refinery. 2 returned early with 4 tons of bombs. 6 jettisoned their bombs when B-2 box lost the formation and itself became dispersed in clouds (B-2 lead lost an engine). 22 A/C bombed GRAZ M /Y, one of the briefed first alternates when weather caused a Wing Recall, dropping 42 tons of 500 lb G.F. bombs with .1 nose and mixed .01 and .025 tail fuses at 1234 to 1245 hours from 22,000 to 24,600 feet. 28 returned to base at 1450 hours. None lost, none missing, and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused as the third group in the Wing at SAN VITO at 0907 hours at 6,500 feet. Proceeded to keypoint SPLIT (4331 N -1628 E) at 1025 hours at 17,500 feet, to turnpoint KUTINA (4529 N – 1647 E), to point on route at 4657 N – 1716 E when and where Recall was ordered. The formation then turned West to bomb GRAZ M/Y and soon afterward the boxes became separated in the weather. A-2 box of 6 A/C proceeded to the target at 1234 hours on a heading of 192° true; B-1 box of 8 A/C went in at 1239 hours on a heading of 95° true; and A-1 box of 8 A/C after starting on run for GRAZ M/Y lost the target in the scope with bombing results believed to be unsatisfactory. The boxes then returned separately to base with the general route being from target to 4618 N –
1627 E to 4.249 N – 1723 E to base.
On route out there were scattered low clouds and 10/10 middle clouds with scattered high clouds. At the target 10/10 middle clouds and 2/10 high clouds were reported with visibility unrestricted though a slight haze aloft. On the return route broken middle clouds extended to the Yugoslavian coast and continued across to the Italian coast. At base on return there were 10/10 thin high clouds above 20,000 feet.
About 8 P-38’s and 10 P-51’s were met near 4645 N – 1720 E at U45 hours at 22,000 feet. Escort A/C were last seen at 1314 hours at 4435 N – 1515 E at 18,000 feet.
No radio jamming was reported.

All bombing by PFF, and results could not be observed either visually or by photo cover because of 10/10 undercast. Bombing runs were made by 3 individual boxes, as stated above. The A-2 box of 6 A/C had a good run and is believed to have bombed successfully. The B-1 box (next over the target) of 8 A/C had too short a run but it is believed its bombs went over the target. The A-1 box of 8 A/C had a poor run when the target was lost in the scope and it is believed its bombs fell on the town of ANGER (4717 N – 1541 E).

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak � S � I � H at target for about ½ minute.

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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