36 B-24’s took off at 0826 to 0848 hours to bomb SALZBURG M/Y. None returned early. 9 A/C bombed a target of opportunity VILLACH North M/Y because the course of the A-2 box was not killed for the primary target, dropping 15 tons of 500 GP bombs at 1338 to 1340 hours from 22,800 to 23,000 feet, and jettisoned ½ ton at 4648N � 1338 E and ½ ton at 4647 N � 1330 E. 27 A/C bombed SALZBURG M/Y dropping 51.5 tons of 500 GP bombs at 1314 to 1317 hours from 23,300 to 24,500 feet and jettisoned ¾ ton targeting SALZBURG area when 3 bombs hung up and ¼ ton at 4635 N 1345 E. 33 returned to base at 1555 hours. None lost, none missing, and 3 at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused as the first group in the Wing with the 450th Group over MANDURIA at 0922 hours at 7,000 feet enroute to SAN VITO. Proceeded from SAN VITO to point on island of VIS (4305 N � 1615 E) to point (4425 N � 1434 E) to point (4450 N � 1332 E) and thence to briefed keypoint on coast (4425 N � 1259 E) at 1209 hours at 22,300 feet. Thence proceeded to turnpoint SACILE (4557 N � 1230 E) to turnpoint BAD AIBLING (4752 N � 1201 E) to IP ALTENMARKT (4801 N � 123 E) to target on a heading of 120 degrees true. After a slight left rally the formation proceeded about 10 miles further east of the briefed turnpoint ST WOLFGANG (4744 N2 � 1327 E) to 4743 N � 1337 E and continued slightly east of course to point on the briefed course at 4624 N � 1340 E. Thence proceeded to turnpoint FIANONO (4506 N � 1412 E) to point (4355 N � 1423 E) to base.
On entire route out there were broken to overcast low clouds except clear over Alps and broken high clouds above flight level. Visibility was good except over northern Adriatic. In the target area there were 4/10 low clouds, but 7/10 to 8/10 at the target itself, with tops to 10,000 feet and 7/10 high clouds above bombing altitude. Visibility was over 20 miles. On the return it was clear over the Alps with 10/10 low clouds south of the Alps to central Adriatic decreasing southward to only 2/10 at base.
15 to 20 P-51�s were met at 1150 hours at 4515 N � 1315 E at 21,000 feet, and escort was last seen at 1415 hours at 4440 N � 1415 E at 20,000 feet.
No radio jamming was reported.

The bombing at the primary target was done by PFF method in sections after a very good run. However, A-2 section of 9 A/C held their bombs and made a later attack on VILLACH M/Y. The visual observations of the bombing at the primary reported the bombs to be short and to the right about 3 miles. This was confirmed by photo cover which showed a good pattern of bursts from A-1 box of 9 A/C fell in an open area 3 to 3 ½ miles southwest of the target, while a good pattern from the B section of 18 A/C fell near a R/R and highway intersection about 4 to 4 ½ miles southwest of the target.
The bombing at VILLACH North (or East) M/Y was done visually after a short run and visual observations reported a long patter with 7 or 8 bursts in the yard and others short and over. Photo cover showed 6 bursts in the west end of the M/Y with other bursts in residential and industrial area N and S of the M/Y.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak � S � I � H at target for about 1 to 3 minutes.

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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