27 B-24’s took of at at 0815 – 0828 hours to bomb VIENNA Southeast Rail Targets. One returned early. 20 dropped 38.5 tons 500 lb GP and RDX mixed bombs on target at 1303 hours from 23,000 to 25,800 feet. 6 A/C of A-1 box jettisoned 11 tons because of running low on gas in attempting to bomb an alternate target. 24 returned to base at 1628 hours. None lost, none missing, 2 having landed at friendly fields later returned to base.

Rendezvoused over MANDURIA at 0910 hours at 6,700 feet as the fourth group in the Wing formation. Thence to 4128 N – 1726 E to 4350 N – 1450 E to 4445 N � 1408 E to 4510 N � 1442 E to 4534 N � 1508 E to 4708 N � 1552 E to LANGENWANG (4734 N � 1536 E) to IP MICHELBACH (4806 N � 1545 E) attacking on an axis of 80 degrees true. The rally was right.
A-1 box did not bomb the primary. A-l-1 had a Mickey failure at the Yugo – German border and A-1-2 took over lead. On the bomb run the Mickey operator failed to identify aiming point, so made a turn to the right before target and decided to bomb alternate target of GRAZ. The A-1 box then started for the IP for GRAZ, the IP KNITTELFELD was missed, the formation going to 4638 N – 1425 E where a turn to the left was made to 4635 N – 1538 E and the box again started for the IP for GRAZ. At this point the A/C were running low on gas and at 4650 N – 1540 E the box leader directed the box to return to base. A. turn to the left was made and the formation proceeded to CRIKVENICA (4512 1442) to base.
A-2, B-1 and B-2 box made a right rally, thence to rally point ILIMETZ (4746 N – 1648 E) to JANOSHOZA (4708 N – 1710 e) to base. Rendezvoused with 20 P-51’s at 1221 hours at 4635 N – 1517 E at 23,000 feet. Escort departed at 4708 N – 1710 E at 1320 hours at 18,000 feet.
Weather was reported as follows: Route – Only scattered low and high cloud from SAN VITO to FIUME Peninsula. From this point northward the formation encountered increasing middle and high level cloudiness which became 10/10 to 20,000 feet over the Alps. Target – 8/10 low cloud with tops at 12,000 feet. 2/10 high cloud with tops at 20,000 feet. Visibility over 20 miles. Wind at altitude from 290° at 60 MPH. Return No change in route weather on return, but over Southern Italy and base 8-10/10 low cumulus at 4,000 feet.

20 A/C of the formation bombed by PFF, the boxes went over target in trail A-2, B-1 and B-2, and released in the following order B-2, A-2 and B-1.
The target was covered by 8/10 low cloud with tops at 12,000 feet and 2/10 high cloud with tops at 20,000 feet No visual observation of the bombing was possible due to cloud. Photos show complete undercast. Good Mickey runs were reported by the operators of each of the three boxes.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak � Over the target this group experienced scant to moderate, inaccurate heavy flak of two to three minutes duration.

None lost, two major damaged, two minor damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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