18 B-24’s took off at 0830 – 0850 hours to bomb VIENNA Southeast Goods Depot. Two returned early. 8 dropped 16 tons 500 lb GP and RDX mixed on target at 1258 hours from 24,000 to 24,700 feet. 8 dropped 16 tars 500 lb GP and RDX bombs on a target of opportunity SARVAR M/Y (4715 N – 1655 E) at 1314 hours from 22,500 to 23,500 feet. 2 jettisoned 4 tons because of mechanical reasons. 15 returned to base at 1541 hours. 1 returned to base at 1800 hours after going in at a friendly field for gas. None lost. None missing. None at friendly field.

Rendezvoused over SAN VITO at 0927 hours as the third group in the Wing formation. Thence to PELAGOSA (4225 N – 1614 E) to keypoint VIR (4419 N – 1501 E) to turnpoint TREGIWANG (4729 N – 1436 E) to IP MICHELBACH (4802 N – 1545 E) attacking on an axis of 80° true. The rally was right, thence to 4755 N – 1632 E to 4745 N – 1654 E to IVAN (4727 N – 1654 E) to target of opportunity SARVAR (4715 N – 1655 E) to turnpoint DREVNIK (4326 N – 1605 E) to base.
Rendezvoused with 22 P-51’s at 1200 hours at 4604 N – 1450 E. Escort departed soon after target. Rendezvous with escort was made at 22,000 feet.
Route clear over south Italy. 2/10 low clouds over Adriatic increasing to 6/10 with 6/10 high above flight level along Dalmatian Coast. Only scattered 4/10 low cloud and 2/10 high cloud above flight level remainder of route, with the Austrian Alps clear, Over the target 2-4/10 low clouds north of Alps with target clear. Few high clouds above bombing altitudes. Wind at bombing altitude from 310° at 60mph. Visibility over 30 miles. On return same as route out with clouds at all levels slightly reduced in amount. Only lightly scattered patches of low clouds at 3,000 feet over southern Italy.

VIENNA Southeast Goods Depot. Good run from IP. Mickey picked up target and operator gave fixes, etc., bombing however was visual. Just before bombs away flak carried away a control cable causing ship to veer to left (North) and bombs, according to visual observations, fell left and short of the aiming point. A-box only bombed the target. Photo coverage shows approximately 20 bursts in residential area 10,000 feet WNW from the visual aiming point.
SARVAR M/Y (4715 N – 1655 B). B-box, being unable to pick up the aiming point at the primary in time to make a good run, did not drop on the primary, electing to drop on a target of opportunity. Visual observation report bombs at edge of M/Y and into town. Photos confirm. Two hits on rail lines at edge of M/Y.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak � Flak at the primary target at VIENNA this group experienced intense, accurate, heavy flak for 2 – 4 minutes duration.

None lost, Six damaged ( 1 severe), no casualties, no victories.

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