28 B-24’s took off at 1137 to 1155 hours to bomb ZAGREB East M/Y. None returned early. 22 dropped 44 tons 500 lb GP bombs .1 and .01 – .025 fusing, on target at 1459 hours from 23,300 to 25,000 feet. 4 A/C dropped 8 tons between I.P. and target due to accidental release by box lead. 1 A/C jettisoned 2 tons in the Adriatic. 1 A/C returned 2 tons to base, being unable to release because of mechanical reasons. 28 returned to base at 1657 hours. None lost. None missing. None at friendly field.
There were 22 effective and 6 non-effective sorties.

Rendezvoused over MANDURIA at 1040 hours at 10,000 feet thence to SAN VITO, to PELAGOSA (4223 N – 1616 E) to VIR (4419 N � 1501 E), to I.P. OZALI (4537 N � 1528 E) to target attacking on an axis of 62°. The rally was right, thence to KRAVARSKO (4536 N � 1604 E) to base.
6 P-38�s were reported at 4320 N � 1533 E at 1400 hours at 19,000 feet, with a few P-51�s reported in target area.
Weather – Route: Scattered low cloud over the Adriatic increasing northward to broken, with occasional overcast along north Dalmation coast with tops at 8,000 feet. Inland over Yugoslavia low clouds decreased rapidly to only lightly scattered.
Target: 2/10 low cloud tops at 10,000 feet with 1/10 high cloud above bombing altitude. Visibility about 20 miles. Wind at bombing altitude from 290° at 50 mph.
Return: Low clouds over south Adriatic had increased to about 6/10 and scattered low clouds were moving in over Base at 3,000 feet on return.

Visual observers of bombing report bombs short of aiming point with some bombs walking into M/Y. Majority of bombs in area of A/D south of the target.
Bombstrike photos show a majority of bombs fell immediately south of M/Y in A/D and built up area with at least six bursts in M/Y.

A. Fighters: There were no encounters with enemy fighters. One unidentified S/E fighter was seen at 4327 N � 1535 E at 1402 hours at 20,000 feet.
B. Flak �Over the target this group experienced moderate to intense, inaccurate, heavy flak of 2 to 4 minutes duration. Flak was both barrage and aimed, black in color with few white bursts reported. Majority of white flak reported high and above formation, with few white bursts reported low.

None lost, 2 damaged ( 1 serious), one minor casualty from flak, no victories.

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