34 B-24’s took off at 0756 to 0814 hours to bomb LEIPHEIM A/D. There was one early return. The formation encountered weather at the primary target so did not bomb, but did bomb and alternate and targets of opportunity as follows:

No. A/C Target Tons Time Altitude
23 HALL MAIN M/Y 45.75 1259 24,700 to 25,000
7 LIENZE M/Y 14 1325 24,000 to 25,800
1 INNSBRUCK M/Y 2 1300 25,500
1 R/R Junction 4808 N � 1008 E 2 1230 25,500
1 R/R Junction 4724 N � 1150 E 2 1314 25,000
33 65.75
1 early return jettisoned 2 tons at 4748 N � 1053 E because of loss of No. 4 turbo. 1 of the a/c bombing HALL MAIN M/Y jettisoned .25 tons at 4726 N � 1144 E in order to keep in formation. The bomb load was 8-500 lb GP bombs fused .1 and .01 per a/c. 28 returned to base at 1605 hours, four additional a/c returned to base thereafter, having gone in at friendly fields for gas. One crash landed near a friendly field and one a/c is at a friendly field.
There were 33 effective sorties and one non-effective sortie.

Rendezvoused over MANDURIA as the second group in the Wing formation. Thence to SAN VITO to GELAGOSA (4223 N � 1615 E) to SV. ANDRIJA (4301 N � 1545 E) to 4430 N � 1340 E to 4538 N � 1306 E to SACILE (4557 N � 1230 E) to SEESPITZ (4726 N � 1144 E) to IP PFAFFENHA– USEN (4807 N � 1028 E) started run on target on an axis of 335° true. Primary being cloud covered group rallied left at KRUMBACH (4815 N � 1022 E) to SEESHAUPT (4749 N � 1118 E) to RATTENBERG (4726 N � 1153 E) the IP for HALL, attacking on a axis of 248° true. Because of other groups attacking in the same area could not get in to WEST M/Y so attacked the HALL MAIN M/Y. The rally was right, circled north and east of the target. The bombing order over HALL was B-2, A-1, A-2 and B-1. A-2 did not bomb HALL because of a mechanical failure, bombs did not release. A-2 the left formation, made a run on WORGL � again the bombs did not release � A-2 then proceeded to Lienz, attacking on an axis of 160° true, and from LIENZ A-2 box proceeded to a point north of TRIESTE, thence to Base. After rally at HALL A-1, B-1 and B-2 proceeded to MONGUELFO (4645 N � 1206 E) to SACCILE (4557 N � 1230 E) to 4538 N � 1306 E, to base.
Rendezvoused with 20 P-51�s at 4726 N � 1144 E at 1204 hours at 23,000 feet. Escort departed at 4557 N � 1230 E at 1330 hours.
Weather � Route out: Broken low cloud over south Italy and western portion of south Adriatic thinning to only slightly low scattered over east side of Adriatic and northward over route, with tops to 6,000 feet with a few to 12,000 feet over the Adriatic. Clear over Alps and north to just south of Munich area.
Target: 10/10 low overcast cloud with tops to 12,000 feet covered the primary target from half way between the IP to target and northward. Visibility unrestricted over HALL, the alternate target attacked, no clouds and visibility over 30 miles. Wind at bombing altitude from 280° at 35 mph.
Return: scattered low clouds over return route becoming broken in local patches over south Adriatic. Ceilings were 5,000 feet over south Italy and base clear.

HALL MAIN M/Y. Due to collision course with other groups bombing in this area it was impossible to attack the assigned target � HALL WEST M/Y so attack was made on the Main M/Y.
Visual reports showed good pattern on M/Y with some bursts in town.
Photos show good concentration in M/Y with at least 23 bursts visible. Many bursts plotted on both sides of yard and into residential part of town. Other bursts plotted in open field northeast of town.
LIENZ M/Y. Visual observations report bombs right and short.
Partial photo coverage show eight bursts in warehouse area immediately west of M/Y. Eight other burst along tracks one mile southwest of M/Y.
INNSBRUCK M/Y. No photo coverage. Visual reports sow bombs in south part of M/Y.
No visual observations and no photo coverage of the bombing of the two railroad junctions at 4808 N � 1008 E and 4724 N � 1150 E respectively.

A. Fighters: There were no encounter with enemy fighters. A total of seven enemy aircraft were seen.
B. Flak �Over HALL this group experienced scant to moderate, inaccurate heavy flak of 1 to 3 minutes duration. Both black and white bursts were seen. Flak appeared to be both barrage and aimed.

None lost, Red Force 5 damaged (1 major), 1 crash landed at friendly field, no casualties, no victories.

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