25 B-24’s took off at 0857 to 0910 hours to bomb BRENNERO M/Y. One returned early. The formation reached the IP area for the primary target, but finding the target cloud covered elected to bomb the alternate target of FIUME Shipyard. 22 dropped 44 tons of 500 lb GP bombs (fused .1 and .01) on FIUME Shipyard at 1421 yours from 23,000 to 27,300. 2 a/c jettisoned 4 tons, one because of a bomb rack malfunction, one because of an accidental release. The one early return jettisoned 2 tons. 22 returned to base at 1630 hours. 1 returned to base at 1730 hours after landing at a friendly field for gas. None lost, none missing, two at a friendly fields.
There were 22 effective sorties and three non-effective sorties.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group over Manduria as the fourth group in the Wing formation. Thence to SANSEGO (4431 N � 1418 E), to STARA FUZINA (4617 N � 1354 E), to 4722 N � 1252 E, to NEUKIRCHEN (4715 N � 1210 E) at which point it appeared the target was overcast and the election to bomb an alternate was make. Thence to 4711 N � 1218 E, to FARRA d�A. (4607 N � 1222 E) to 4538 N � 1302 E, to BUIE d�IS T. (4525 N � 1340 E) which point was used as the IP for FIUME. The attack was made on an axis from 68 to 75° true. The rally was right thence to SANSEGO (4431 N � 1418 E) to base.
Weather � Route out: 9/10 low cloud at take-off at base at 4,500 feet, lessening over the Adriatic to 7/10 with tops to 11,000 feet. Over Dinaric Alps an undercast of 10/10 middle cloud with base at 15,000 feet and tops at 20,000 feet. Formation turned back to FIUME. Target: CAVU � visibility unrestricted, winds from 50° at 85 mph. Return: from Yugoslav coast to the Italian mainland on the east coast low clouds 4-5/10 with tops to 15,000 feet. From VIESTE south lessening to 4/10 low clouds base at 5,000 feet. Some turbulence was encountered over south Italy.
Rendezvoused with 20 P-51�s at 1240 hours at 4530 N � 1400 E. Escort departed just after attack at FIUME (1421).

Visual reports of bombing: One hit on dock, big explosion, with fires in target area, with black and red smoke seen. Black smoke suggests possibility of oil fire. Possible hit on ship at dock. Photos show: Majority of bombs in water west and south of target. 5 bursts on shipyard installations. Two near misses on M/V at dock.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak �Over the alternate target of FIUME this group experienced scant, inaccurate heavy flak of ½ to 2 minutes duration. Flak appeared to be aimed, black in color with some white bursts seen.

None lost, none damaged , no casualties, no victories.

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