28 B-24’s took off from 0845 to 0938 hours to bomb VIENNA/MATZLEINSDORF M/Y. 1 a/c returned early due to mechanical failure. 1 a/c due to engine trouble was unable to keep up with the formation and dropped 2 tons on LJUBIJANA M/Y as a target of opportunity at 1253 hours, from 25,000 feet and returned before the formation. 7 a/c comprising 717th Squadron box jettisoned 14 tons just beyond the I.P. while on the bomb run at 1312 hours from 24,500 feet when the nose navigator in the lead a/c of this box salvoed it’s bombs by accidently hitting the salvo switch, and all other a/c in the box dropped on the lead. This box then turned off the bomb run before reaching the target. 19 a/c dropped 37 tons of 500 lb mixed GP and RDX bombs on VIENNA/MATZLEINSDORF M/Y at 1317 hours from 24,400 to 26,100 feet. 26 a/c returned to base at 1615 hours. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields..

Rendezvoused with the 450th Group over MANDURIA at 0959 hours at 11,000 feet as the second group in the wing line, on course to SAN VITO. Proceeded to keypoint, ZARA (4407 N – 1515 E); to turnpoint JUDENBURG (4710 N – 1439 E); to turnpoint MOOS (4741 N – 1456 E); to I.P., MICHELBACH (4806 N – 1545 E); to target on a heading of 80° true. Rallied sharp right to rally point, PERNITZ (4754 N – 1557 E); thence to VROBOVEC (4553 N – 1620 E); to turnpoint, ZARA (4407 N – 1515 E), to base.
Weather on route out 1/10 to 4/10 low clouds to northern Yugoslavia where low clouds increased rapidly with 2/10 middle and 5/10 high level clouds. Over Alps to target there were 10/10 low clouds with tops at 10,000 feet, 2/10 middle clouds to 18,000 feet and 5/10 high clouds above 25,000 feet. Overcast low clouds broke rapidly between the I.P. and target becoming 3/10 over the target with visibility over 20 miles although there was a very heavy haze below bombing altitude. On the return there was a general decrease in all clouds, 7/10 low cumulus with ceilings of 5,000 feet over the southwestern Adriatic and southern Italy decreasing to 3/10 over inland areas and base.
30 P-38’s were met at 1130 hours at 4410 N – 1515 E, and 20 P-51’s were met at 1300 hours at 4752 N – 1520 E. These planes were seen to leave intermittently, the last 6 P-51’s being last seen at 1437 hours at 4407 N – 1515 E.
No radio jamming was reported

All bombing was done visually by boxes in trail. Visual observation reported many hits in the target M/Y with good patterns. Photo coverage, however, did not confirm these visual observations. It showed the A-1 Box (716th Squadron) had 30 bursts in the residential area 2,000 to 3,000 feet northeast of the visual aiming point. The A-2 Box (717th Squadron) had the accidental release of bombs described above. The B-1 Box (718th Squadron) and the B-2 Box (719th Squadron) provided no strike photos from their cameras.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak �M/I � A � H at VIENNA/MATZLEINSDORF M/Y for a period of 3-5 minutes.

None lost, 10 damaged from flak (2 major) , no casualties, no victories.

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