31 B-24’s took off a 0700 to 0720 hours to bomb TRAUNSTEIN M/Y. Due to weather conditions at the primary target the formation proceeded to SPITTAL WY (an alternate) and bombed visually. None returned early. 26 dropped 51.5 tons of GP bombs on SPITTAL M /Y at 1203 to 1212 hours from 13,900 to 15,800 feet. 5 dropped 10 tons on the attempted IP to target run at the primary target because of accidental releases. 30 returned to base at 1451 hours and 1 returned at 1545 hours after having refueled at a friendly field. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with the 450th as third group in Wing over MANDTJRIA at 0802 hours at 8,000 feet on course to SAN VITO. After passing over SAN VITO the course lay over the TP (4538 N – 1306 E) at 1038 hours at 17,000 feet; thence to SACILE (4557 N – 1230 E) at 1051 hours at 17,000 feet; thence to S. CANDIDO (4643 N – 1218 E) at 1110 hours at 16,300 feet. From S. CANDIDO a turn was made to this Group’s IP KUESTEIN (4735 N – 1211 E) from which point an attempted run into the primary target TRAUNSTEIN (4751 N – 1238 E) was made. Weather closed in completely about the formation rendering horizontal visibility zero. After passing over the target the formation headed for an alternate, SPITTAL (4648 N – 1329 E). Coming out of the weather over ZELL AM SEE (4719 N – 1248 E) the Able section found itself in collision course with Baker section. Able section executed a 360° allowing Baker section to precede it to the alternate. Using OBER VEILACH (4656 N – 1313 E) as an IP an attack was made on SPITTAL M/Y with Baker section attacking before Able section. After the attack the formation making only such corrections as required to avoid flak areas, followed direct course to base.
No escort was briefed-but numerous P-51’s and P-38’s were sighted in the target area.
In the TRAUNSTEIN area 8/10 low clouds to 8,000 feet and 6/10 middle clouds from 14,000 feet to 17,000 feet were encountered. In the SPITTAL area 2/10 low clouds to 5,000 feet and 4/10 middle clouds at 15,000 feet (above bombing for most units) were encountered with visibility up to 20 miles.

Baker section with its AP at the N end of the yard had a pattern which laced several bursts in the yard cutting trackage near the N choke point. Other bursts are in the immediate area on both sides of the yard with a good concentration in installations to the east. Able section with its AP at the S end of the yard placed its pattern well within the yard near its choke point.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak -None.

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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