26 B-24’s took off a 0854 to 0915 hours to bomb VERONA Loco Depot. One returned early. 25 dropped 47.25 tons 250 lb GP bombs (fused .1 and .025) on target at 1220 hours from 23,000 to 25,900 feet. 3 of the 25 a/c over the target jettisoned 2.75 2 tons due to rack malfunctions. The one early return jettisoned 2 tons. 25 returned to base at 1514 hours. None lost, none missing, none at friendly fields.
There were 25 effective and one non-effective sorties

Rendezvoused over CAZZA as the first group in the wing formation, thence to turnpoint 4430 N – 1340 E, to turnpoint coast at 4538 N – 1306 E, to SEDICO (4607 N – 1207 E) to I.P. SCHIO (4543 N – 1121 E) to target, attacking on an axis of 223° true. The rally was slight left, using evasive action to rally point CURTATONE (4509 N – 1042 E), to PRATO (4353 N – 1107 E) to base.
Rendezvoused with 20 P-51’s at 1210 hours at 4555 N – 1150 E at 23,000 feet, who departed at 1245 hours at 4400 N – 1100 E at 20,000 feet; also rendezvoused with 5 P-38’s at 1200 hours at 4608 N – 1210 E at 24,500 feet, who departed at 1224 hours at 4527 N – 1400 E at 24,500 feet.
Weather: Along the route 5/10 low cloud to 7,000 feet throughout Adriatic, decreasing to 2/3-10 over VENICE-UDINE area, with 2/10 middle clouds to 10,000 feet over same area. Visibility over Adriatic over 20 miles. At the target 2/10 law cloud, all in distance to west with no clouds over VERONA, visibility 15 miles in slight haze. Wind at bombing altitude from 10° at 40 mph. On return clear over central Italy east of Appenines southward to PESCARA. Reminder of route to BARI covered with 10/10 low clouds with tops at 8,000 feet over east coastal belt. South of BARI and over base 5/10 low clouds at 5,000 feet.

Visual observations of the bombing show good pattern on aiming point with few bombs short and a few over. Fires and much smoke seen in target area. Photos show locomotive depot installations and area covered by many bursts, with several bursts on rolling stock and at least five bursts on large railroad shed. Area of highway underpasses 3,000 and 4,000 feet southwest of aiming point completely covered. Double track railroad leading west probably cut by four bursts.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak -Over the target this group experienced moderate to intense, accurate, heavy flak of ½ to 4 minutes duration, black in color with some white bursts reported. Flak appeared to be aimed.

None lost, 7 damaged from flak (4 major), no casualties, no victories.

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