28 B-24’s took off a 0958 to 1013 hours to bomb VERONA/PORTO NUEVA M/Y. Two returned early. 26 dropped 51.5 tons 500 lb RDX and GP bombs (fused .1 and .01 fusing) on target at 1411 – 1414 hours from 24,000 to 26,800 feet. The early returns jettisoned 4 tons. 26 returned to base at 1636 hours. None lost, none missing, none at friendly fields.
There were 2 non -effective sorties and 26 effective sorties.

Executed a remote assembly over TISTENO Point (4255 N – 1640 E) behing the 450th as the fourth group in the Wing formation. Thence to SARSEGO (4431 N – 1418 E) to STARA-FUZINA (4617N – 1354 E) to SEDICO (4607 N – 1206 E) to the IP SCRIO (4543 N – 1121 E), attacking on an axis of 223°. The rally was slight left, using evasive action, to rally point CURTATONE (4509 N – 1042 E) to PRATO (4353 N – 1107 E) to base.
Rendezvoused with 29 P-38’s and 35 P-51’s at 1230 hours at 4431 N – 1418 E at 20,000 to 21,000 feet. Escort departed at 4525 N – 1058 at 1412 hours.
Weather on route out from base to North Adriatic 10/10 low cloud and 10/10 middle cloud, base at 12,000 feet, tops to 20,000 feet, dissipating northwards to the target area. Over the target 2/10 middle cloud, bases at 10,000 feet, tops at 12,000 feet. Visibility 5 miles in heavy haze. Wind over target from 350° at 35 MPH. On return over FLORENCE area there was a middle deck of 8/10 cloud bases at 10,000 feet, tops to 12,000 feet, dissipating to nil south of the Spur near FOGGIA area. From the Spur south it was clear over South Italy and the base.

Visual reports: Aiming point and target well hit, fires and much gray and black smoke seen over target. Photos show majority of bombs fell slightly east of aiming point in East end of M/Y.

A. Fighters: No enemy fighters were encountered. At 1401 hours at 25,000 feet 4543 N – 1121 E 4 Me-109’s were seen. Black in color. No passes were made by the enemy fighters.
B. Flak -Over the target the group experienced moderate, inaccurate to accurate, heavy flak of 1/2 to 4 minutes duration. Flak appeared to be both aimed and barrage type, generally black with some white reported above formation.

None lost, 1 damaged from flak (minor), no casualties, no victories.

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