28 B-24’s took off a 0907 hours to attack SALZBURG M/Y. One early return jettisoned 2.5 tons at 1200 hours at 4532 N – 1308 E. 21 A/C dropped 52 tons of 1,000 lb GP bombs on primary target at 1339 hours from 23,000 to 24,500 feet. 6 A/C dropped 15 tons of 1,000 lb GP bombs on alternate target, LINZ W/Y, at 1404 hours from 23,000 to 23,800 feet because of failure to identify the primary target by radar methods. 27 A/C returned to base at 1642 hours. None lost, none missing, and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over CAZZA (4246 N 1631 a) at 1048 hours at 12,000 feet as the third group in the Wing line. Proceeded to 4430 N – 1340 3 to keypoint on coast at 4538 N – 1306 E to SACILE (4557 N – 1230 3) to SCHLIERSEE (4744 N 1152 E) to WASSERBURG (4804 N – 1213 E) to IP to target, attacking on a heading of 154 degrees true. Because of a solid undereast bombing was done by PFF methods by individual boxes in trail. Rallied left to rally point at 4743 N 1328 E to SACILE (4557 N – 1230 3) to coast at 4538 N – 1306 E to 4340 N 1340 E to base.
The route out was clear to the POLA area where the formation encountered scattered middle and high level clouds. These decreased over the Alps, with the INNSBRUCK area clear. At the target there was 10/10 low or middle clouds with tops at 14,000 feet with visibility over 30 miles. On the return route the weather was the same as the route out except that all clouds throughout the route had decreased slightly in amount. The Southern Adriatic and Southern Italy were clear of clouds on return.
Rendezvous was made with approximately 12 P-51’1 at 1236 hours at 4557 N 1236 E. Escort provided cover to target and withdrawal until departure at 1424 hours at 4538 N – 1306 E

Bombing at the primary target was done by PFF methods by individual boxes in trail because of the solid 10/10 undercast. No results were observed and photos show only bombs away but PFF operators reported that they picked up the target clearly and had sufficiently long bomb runs.
The 719th squadron (B-1) attacked LIENZ M/Y as an alternate target because of failure of PFF operator to identify the primary target. The attack on LIENZ M/Y was made visually and photos show 5 hits in the north edge of the M/Y, probably damaging the main station, and walking north across the river.

A. Fighters: No enemy fighters were sighted.
B. Flak -Flak at SALZBURG was reported as S – I – H and far below the altitude of the formation. No flak was experienced at LIENZ.

None lost, none damaged, no casualties, no victories.

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